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Raise your hand if you've never seen or heard of Trick Dianthus. Don't be shy; my hand's raised to the heavens too! That's because it was cultivated by Scandinavian floral company, Hilverda de Boer and wasn't available until 2011--just a few years ago!
Clumped together, you'd swear this was grass or something from a coral sea bed. In reality, Green Trick Dianthus, is actually TWO flowers: Green Trick Dianthus and Green Ball. While both are from the same chute, growing conditions determine the outcome of the flower. Green Ball is much more hair-like and larger than Green Trick Dianthus.
If you're not a fan of carnations, like me, then you'll also be surprised to know that this flower is a VERY CLOSE relative of the carnation--more than any other flower species.
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