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There's nothing like your first.

Vingle is awesome because it feels like no matter how obscure my fandom is, there's always someone else here who's into it! So let's take a trip down nostalgia lane and find out how it all began...

The Superwholock fandom

Did you dive headfirst into the wonderful wild world of Supernatural, Doctor Who, or Sherlock? I was away from fandom for a while, but some amazing Sherlock fic brought me back in. And you all know how that went! Now it's all fanfiction all the time here!

Anime fandom

I know there are a lot of you out there! The first fic I ever read was anime (and trust me, you don't want to know about the fic that I *wrote*. It was a monstrosity).

Lord of the Rings fandom

If you speak Elvish, you have my respect.

The Marvel/DC fandom

Superhero movies seem like they're here to stay. Whether it was Marvel or DC, Daredevil or the Dark Knight, you're gonna have a lot of fun in the coming years! And of course I'll be right there with you.

Star Wars fandom

I'm so happy for you all. I know Sherlockians have been called the fandom that waited... but you all really waited, didn't you?

The Fandom that Lives

Harry Potter is definitely a global fandom, and we haven't seen the likes of it before or since.

The first fandom

Star Trek inspired fandom as we know it today. The fic, the cons, the culture... to use an inappropriate quote "I was alone and I owe you so much".


If so please don't think I love you any less! In fact I probably want to know all about it.

Share your first fandom experience!!!

Were you a livejournaler in the days of Cassie Clare? Did you get sucked into Tumblr during Mishagate? Or were you one of the old school fans subscribing to zines in the mail? Or hey, is Vingle the first place you've let yourself fan the freak out? That would be awesome too. Let's get excited about our first fandoms!!!
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@TiffanyPassmore phew, at least you weren't an impressionable kid haha. I totally was but I was less 0_0 and more ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ haha I was a weird kid
2 years ago·Reply
oi. you're asking some pretty hard questions. at 25 I dont really remember all my firsts. I know I have loved Harry Potter since the first three books came out. My first "animes" all came from Toonami and Adult Swim. I know my first two yaoi's were Gravitation and Sukisho. I am real big into SUPERNATURAL and Sherlock. I only got into marvel bc of the avengers movies.
2 years ago·Reply
I really think I got into these when I was still in my early teens.
2 years ago·Reply
@AshelyJewell haha fair enough. I just turned 26 so we probably have similar fandom trajectories. For example GRAVITATION YES OMG I REMEMBER THAT. And honestly I was kind of a lapsed Marvel fan, I loved the X-men growing up but the movies brought back a lot of my old passion.
2 years ago·Reply
Lol yes @shannonl5
2 years ago·Reply