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How well do you know the Merc with the mouth?

Last week we did Spider-Man so it only seems fair to do Deadpool this week. I'll tell you three facts about Deadpool, only one of them will be a lie! You'll guess in the comments, and I'll share the answer next week! Here we go:
1. He actually came before the similar character, Slade Wilson
2. He's Canadian. Eh?
3. He's a dad.

Here's the answers from last week!

He once transformed into a Spider TRUE
He has a genius-level IQ, up there with Tony Stark and Reed Richards TRUE
He's Jewish FALSE
While a lot of people suspect that Peter Parker is Jewish because of his use of common Jewish terms (and the fact that a lot of people who have worked on the character are Jewish as well), this has never been canonically acknowledged. Thank you to everyone who guessed!

Let's see how you do this week!

OH MY GOSH. @Raadhiyah I didn't know this Q.Q thank you!
false true true death stroke was first
False True True
@gatorchick96 sweet! Added and I'll tag you in my intro post!
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