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Surprise! Girls Have Always Been Nerds

In other news, water is also wet.

But apparently J.J. Abrams, director of the upcoming Star Wars movie (and the rebooted Star Trek franchise) didn't get the memo. On Good Morning America last week, he gave this well-meaning but kind of oblivious endorsement of the movie: “Star Wars was always about, you was always a boy’s thing, and a movie that dads take their sons to. And though that’s still very much the case, I was really hoping that this could be a movie that mothers can take their daughters to as well. So I’m looking forward to kids seeing this movie and to seeing themselves in it, and seeing that they’re capable of doing what they could never imagine was possible.”


Definitely well-meaning. And I'm completely excited about the emphasis on female roles, from what I've seen so far it looks like a definite improvement. But the truth is that despite the somewhat alienating failures of the original trilogy, female fans have been here all along. It's not like we're quit either! Who do you think was discussing the infamous slave Leia bikini scene? A random bunch of women who had never seen the films? Who do you think has been showing up to conventions, reading the books, and watching the movies over and over and over again?

I appreciate what he's trying to do. But it feels a little weird that he's talking about appealing to women when he doesn't seem to know anything about the female fans that are already here.

Female fans exist! They like nerdy stuff! They always have!

This is just... tiring.

I don't really have anything against J.J. Abrams for this (though I have a few bones to pick with him over the Star Trek reboot). He's unfortunately just one of many people in the industry that seems convinced women do not and have never cared for anything that has to do with geek culture. They couldn't be more wrong. The science fiction genre was INVENTED by a woman (Mary Shelly's Frankenstein to be precise). In the early days of Marvel and DC, comics were most likely more popular among girls than boys. When Stark Trek was about to be cancelled, female fans were the ones leading the first letter writing campaign of its time to bring the show back for a third season.

tl;dr We're here. We have ALWAYS been here.

And Hollywood would know that if they'd start listening.
I've seen girls and women who are into Star Wars, Games, Comics, Anime ext... that are way more into it all then most guys I know and I think it's awesome lol rock on ladies, I acknowledge your awesomeness XP
I just wanted to sort of point out how guys tend to overlook girls, too. My husband and I were talking to this guy at the after party about comics. All my husband knows about comics is stiff I've told him as we're watching shows or movies or whatever. So, he kept telling the guy, "I really don't know, that's my wife's territory." Trying to defer the conversation to me. And whenever I'd say anything, this guy would pointedly look at my husband and say, "You're a man, you know what I'm taking about when I say..." Maybe I shouldn't have corrected him so much, idk...
/facepalm I can absolutely vouch for myself and many, many female friends having been fanatics for a lot longer than ten years. And it's definitely not a phase. 🙄 Hell. My mom was the first female nerd I ever knew!! <3
Oooh that's a good point @BeannachtOraibh there is this assumption for all of us that people are going to "grow out" of our passions as we grow older. Which is honestly really sad. Why would we stop loving things as we become adults? Sure we have more obligations and responsibilities but that doesn't mean we stop having fun and enjoying life @MichaelOgg haha yeah I've definitely known a lot of female fans who get REALLY into stuff. Like, encyclopedic knowledge of comic books I can't even begin to compete with, fluency in Klingon or Elvish, all kinds of stuff. It takes serious dedication.
Okay, I grew up in a family of nerds, male and female. There was no transition into anything else...if anything, we just got nerdier. It always amazes me when people act like it's just a phase, too. Like, I was never ever going to trade in my sci-fi and comic book collections for soap operas and high fashion mags (over my dead freaking body!)!!! My mom went to conventions, and while there was certainly some misogyny at play, she by far was never the only woman there. I guess women may not have been noticed as much if they went with their men or their fathers, though. "Oh, they just got dragged along." But really they were the ones who wanted to be there. I think it's more about perception than truth.
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Does Nerd Culture Have a Problem?
Are nerd spaces hostile to LGBT+ and female fans? I don't want to give anecdotal evidence, because one person's experience isn't going to be the experience everyone has, but I will say that I personally have avoided a lot of 'nerd' spaces because it didn't seem like there was any institutional support for people who were on the receiving end of any kind of abusive behavior. And since so much of 'nerd' culture is based on this idea that we are outsiders, or that we're a family brought together by our niche interests, it does really disappoint me to hear that someone in the community has experienced harassment. So instead of anecdotes, here's some of what the above Youtuber is talking about: +Zoe Quinn was stalked, harassed, and threatened for months by the gamer community after breaking up with her boyfriend, who used his power in the community to create a mob to go after her. +Lauren Faits was sexually assaulted when she was underage at a convention. left racist and homophobic comments on a post about Sulu. +MariNaomi wrote about her experience on a panel where one of the other panelists repeatedly touched her, asked invasive questions, and crossed her boundaries. Guess who he apologized to? Her husband. +Maddy Meyers wrote about being dismissed by fellow fans at Anime Boston. +And finally, here's John Scalzi's scathing takedown of the harassment policy of the 2015 World Fantasy Convention, and why it actually fails to protect con-goers. This... doesn't feel isolated. It feels a lot more like the culture (and the conventions/institutions that help sustain it) has a serious problem. Do you feel like the suggestions Justin Denis made were helpful? Do you think there's more that we can do as a community to stop these things from happening?
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