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It's been a while since we know that wonder woman will play a key role in Batman vs Superman movie and now it's officially confirmed that she will join the duo to fight Doomsday.
The beastly kryptonian monster will make a voilent debut in this 2nd installment of Dc Extended universe. Originally Doomsday was a kryptonian beast with a power set similar to the Man of Steel and was responsible for slaying him in "Death of Superman".
The latest trailer of the flick looks promising. Action, CGI elements are jaw dropping. Even it's packed with powerful dialogues and some silly sense of humor which we cannot see often in Zack Synder movies. “Civil liberties are being trampled on in your city, people living in fear,” Kent challenges Wayne once he’s identified him. “The Daily Planet criticising those who think they are above the law – a little hypocritical wouldn’t you say?” Wayne counters. “Every time a hero saves a cat out of a tree, you write a puff-piece editorial.”
Finally when wonder woman saves two biggest superheros asses “Is she with you?” asks Superman. “I thought she was with you,” backs batman. Each and every element is well placed and it looks like Dc made the perfect counter to Marvel's civil war.
@shannonl5 Thanks! That looks incredible... But it looks like she's coming in at the tail end of the movie. That's kinda disappointing. On the other hand, it has sequel written all over it.
@shannonl5, Yes, Gal Gadot is Israeli and we are very proud of her
you are right .They are teasing us a lot...these should be called teasers not trailers. @shannonl5
@Sabfrat true. I'm hoping that the trailer is just being misleading and that they're saving her best stuff for the movie itself. But I absolutely agree, sequel and hopefully this one does well enough that they really pull out all the stops for the solo movie
@Karthikkrazzy1 I am beyond excited!!! I feel like they're really teasing us with those trailers
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