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Blue diamonds are very real, very beautiful and EXTREMELY RARE!
Just yesterday I came across a stunning blue diamond that left me in CHILLS and SPEECHLESS. I was a bit overcome with emotion because it was breathtaking! So I decided to do a little research on blue diamonds and wanted to share what I found with you. I hope that you fall in love with these beauties just as much as I have!
Benji Margolese wrote a great article on the subject at I am just going to hit a few highlights from his article, but you will want to do your own research and do what you have to in order to add at least one blue diamond to your jewelry collection.
Yes, blue diamonds, that are AUTHENTIC, are labeled "natural" on GIA reports; they should not be heat-treated.
Looking at the pictograph above, here's what you're looking at:
Row 1: Light Blue,F. Light Blue, Fancy Blue, F. Intense Blue, F. Vivid Blue, F. Deep Blue, F.Intense Violet-ish Blue,
Row 2: F. Light Gray-Blue, Fancy Gray-Blue, F.Dark Gray-Blue, F.Grayish Blue, F.Deep Gray-ish Blue, F.Light Green-ish Blue, F.Intense Green-ish Blue
Row 3: F. Vivid Green-ish Blue, Fancy Green-Blue, F. Intense Green-Blue, F. Vivid Green-Blue, F. Deep Green-Blue, Fancy Gray-ish Green-ish Blue.
Worth and Rarity
In the video above, a 29 carat blue diamond was discovered in January of 2014. It sold for almost $30 million USD. That's just over $1 million per carat! That's pretty much a good indication of just how rare these diamonds are. As always, the more rare something is, the more expensive it is.
Blue diamonds are RARE.
Blue diamonds that are NATURAL are RARER.
Type II blue diamonds, which are more vivid with saturated color are even more RARE.
Diamonds like this that are of significant size for jewelry, which is at least one carat in weight are exceptionally RARE.
All this rarity is what drives the price--besides the fabulous beauty.
Cushion cut Fancy Vivid Blue diamond from the collection of Yanush Gioielli. In fact, if you haven't already done so, click here to see the stunning engagement rings by YG.