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*friends* "whats a good Christmas song?" *me* starts singing, "This is halloween, this is halloween, pumpkin scream in the dead of night. Everybody make scene. Ok tell me im not the only one!
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Mine is What's This
2 years ago·Reply
I watch it for every holiday too. that movie is the reason my kids were never scared of costs and monsters in the closet.
2 years ago·Reply
ur not the only one I love this movie and I do the same thing
2 years ago·Reply
i volinteered to do "What's This" as a christmas song intil I realized that I didn't know rhe lyrics
2 years ago·Reply
Definitely not the only one! went to a haunted walk this year and at the end was jack and sally so totally spent 20 mins with them going through half the movies worth of songs lol
2 years ago·Reply