I'm actually enjoying this glasses series I randomly started. Half-hazardly googling k-Pop idols in glasses? My new calling. This card I googled EXO and found a lot of good material! This is a group known for their style so it makes sense that many of them would wear glasses because it's very trendy right now. Keep in mind I am not the biggest EXO fan (just very unknowlegable) so I don't have much backing knowledge on the whole glasses issue, so I just comment on how babe they are. Tried to keep my biases in check. Cough.


So many pictures of Chanyeol in glasses but he looks so gorgeous in them!


I actually was having a hard time finding some that weren't photo shoots until I came across the selcas. I'm a sucker for a bare faced Sehun so I think he looks very handsome dressed down with some specs.


Kai seems to rock glasses in a more playful manor, but he is so precious! That last pair looks like a legit pair though, so maybe he does wear them for need?


Be still my heart. 😍😍😍


Can't tell if they are for style or for need but whichever, Baek sure enjoys wearing them and I enjoy seeing them on his face.


So many candid/pap photos of Kyungsoo in glasses so I think he probably has a prescription pair, but that doesn't mean he doesn't wear them for style either, like the one in the photoshoot. Love the thin wire frame on him though.


Nope. Can't handle it. Bye.


It was very hard finding Lay in glasses outside of these two airport looks.


Good lord. He looks so good in that second picture. I would guess that he doesn't need them, but he sure should wear them all the time. All of the time!


Definitely just for style. Cause Tao does everything for style.


So gorgeous. Mostly seen in photoshoots, and the one I found of him outside of a shoot were definitely style frames, but they could have been prescription.


I was mostly distracted by his hair in all these photos. Glasses did appear though.
*i do not own any of the material used!
@Tigerlily84 YEAASSS
@AimeeH oh! one of my weaknesses, Chanyeol and Kyungsoo in glasses! too cute!
Omg I died at Suho then tried to come back alive only to be met with Xiumin Nailing my coffin shut..... 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
D.O was my favorite but my heart stopped at that first picture of Kris 😍😡😍
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