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Not so long ago Mayfair's luxury Art Deco hotel, Claridge's, turned over its lobby to designers for Christmas. The last two years, the Christmas Tree was designed by Dolce & Gabbana. This year, in it's sixth guest-artist take-over, Claridge's has given the world another reason to fall in love with the holiday season.
In case you missed it, the internet is totally crushing on Christopher Bailey's metallic umbrella Christmas Tree. He also happens to be CEO to world-renowned fashion house, Burberry.
From concept art to its November 16th installation, the tree sculpture features over 100 working umbrellas made of mirror-finish metallic fabrics.
According to the hotel's website, "The tree explores the relationship between light and dark and, in keeping with Burberry’s innovative approach to using interactive technology in fashion, it incorporates thousands of lights with motion sensors, programmed to sparkle and glitter into life as you approach the tree. For an added twist of fun, some of the umbrellas are also programmed to move."
Any other Vingler's in the UK that can check this out? I would if I could!
Could you imagine having your wedding at this venue?! GORGEOUS! And you all know just how much I love gold and metal! This would be incredible. With the right gown, possibly something from either Romona Keveza or Elie Saab, or Ziad Nadad, this would be exceptional! Click here for wedding ideas that will set your heart on fire! Claridge's would make for a stunning destination wedding venue!
You know me so well @marshalledgar :) I'd also love to see it though, like @ButterflyBlu. I can appreciate it for it's design and aesthetic!
Beautiful! I'd love to see this, but it isn't exactly my style for a wedding either. Again, though, I'd love to see this in person!
Not at all traditional for a wedding, true. but for the few who want to add Christmas to the mix, it'd be incredible. @ButterflyBlu
if I remember, you prefer the outdoor, BoHo-chic style, right @nicolejb
Beautiful tree. I can't imagine having a wedding here though. perhaps too ritzy for my taste?