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KHJ , a good man inside and out
He supports Abiertas, a temporary home for disadvantaged single mothers. (Philippines ) The heather-gray sports shorts on the picture gave by KHJ for an auction . Proceeds from the auction plus donations worth P500,000 from The Face Shop Philippines went directly to women of Abiertas, He donated a total of $100,000 US dollars to the Red Cross (which he did twice ) “I’ve been to the Philippines before, but this trip is a little more special for me because of the chance to work for our unfortunate sisters,” Kim said. He's a generous man indeed .
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wow..you are so generous oppa..
4 years ago·Reply
wow ur so amazing & generous. more power to you and God bless u always.
4 years ago·Reply
♥ pure kindness and generosity. see why do we love him you ask. hehehehe :-)
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that's why I super loved him kekeke
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