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For those of you already done with Jessica Jones...

We're all looking forward to this, right? Luke Cage was one of my favorite characters in Jessica Jones. I'm so ready for him to star in a series of his own. And thought it's not coming out until some time next year, these set photos promise that there's something good in store.
If you live in NYC, you definitely know storefronts like these.
They're a big part of the culture. One of the complaints fans had about Daredevil was that it didn't seem like it took place in the New York of today. Hopefully Luke Cage will do better!
Rosario Dawson aka Claire Temple.
So glad to keep seeing her- she was great in Daredevil so it was kind of sad she wasn't a major part of Jessica Jones. It would be awesome if her role was bigger in Luke Cage.
Looks like they'll get to spend time together without one of them being unconscious.
The question here is: What stopped that car?
Could it have been Luke, or is there something (else) superhuman going on here?
Okay so it looks like it was probably Luke.
I don't want to say much about Cornell Stokes right now just in case people haven't read the comics, and it seems like Marvel feels the same way. But here's Alfre Woodard who will be playing his cousin Mariah Dillard.

This series has a lot of expectations ahead of it.

Despite the rising number of nonwhite fans, so far Marvel's universe has been overwhelmingly white. The Black Panther film release date has been pushed forward multiple times, and is not expected until 2018. Which means that Luke Cage will be Marvel's first nonwhite hero to get a live-action title. Seems a bit overdue. But that doesn't take away from the facts: He's a great character, with a loyal fanbase, and Mike Colter is an amazing actor.
And I will say this: The hoodie symbolism is pretty brilliant.
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I'm not to worried about what direction this show will go in. I think it's pretty clear now that these shows aren't the movies. They're going to go places that the movies won't go.
@DanielBlas heck yeah. It seems like they're really giving the writers the freedom to make really good adaptations. Jessica Jones in particular feels like it could definitely stand alone, which is both rare and awesome @TerrellHenry that's definitely what I'm hoping. I'm sure part of it is that they're trying to appeal to the "Netflix audience" i.e. the people that like Orange is the New Black/binge watchers. So they have a little more freedom when it comes to subject matter. While the movies need to have the kind of mass Disney appeal
@shannonl5 I also think with the movies, it's more of a financial risk to do something edgier. I think if Deadpool is a R rated success, we'll see Marvel taking more chances with the properties they have.
@TerrellHenry that's very true. The movies have a lot of money going into them so they can't afford to have them be anything but a huge financial blockbuster. I kind of think that's holding them back personally, they keep telling the same story over and over because it worked before... but people get bored! With so many other movies coming out the competition for audience attention is going to be rough. I'm definitely hoping Deadpool will give them the boost to take more risks like you said
@shannonl5 And don't forget, just because Marvel is owned by Disney, it is not fair or even factual to say that their movies are Disney-fied. Disney owns Touchstone Pictures which has put out Con Air, Bridge of Spies, Lincoln, Apocalypto, Face/Off, Starship Troopers, Enemy of the State, Coyote Ugly. They own ABC which is the home of Shonda Rhimes. So Marvel isn't bound by any Disney formula or influence. Marvel is bound by what's making them the max amount of profits.