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With the popularity of BoHo style, the look of bridal hair for this look is less restrictive and "styled" to perfection. The elegance of over-the-shoulder braided hair is that it doesn't have to be "exact" or "perfect." The magic is in letting strands fall into and out of place. There is a little strategy in choosing what to keep back and what to let go.
Take a look at three similar, yet very different, over-the-shoulder braided hairstyles. Notice too, that I featured hair that was blond, honey brown and dark brown/black.
For tips and tricks on actual styling and braiding of hair, be sure to click here!
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can you post the tutorials please these hairstyles are so gorgeous and I want to know how to these hairstyles
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i love them all
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thanks for the wonderful comments
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I wish I had tutorials for these @reponzel18
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