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i was scrolling through instagram and something made me go back and watch no more dream. check what i saw.
In the chalkboard area behind them there is something most interesting.
in the next pictures of Junkook look in the bottom right corner on what appears to be a ledge like structure.
BTS Run is spray painted on the steo in NO MORE DREAM. BigHit is determined to put us through hell and rip out our hearts with their hiddeness. I cant even imagine what painfully amazing things they will give us next.
Omg!! We are just gonna have to go through everything involving BTS aren't we? We will have to look at everything in every scene, even have to look at their bodies to find more clues, or their outfits!! Ugh BigHits why?!?! Why you gotta do this to us????
@StephersTaylor IK it seriously going to be the end of me! I love all that they do but it kills me at the same time, I can't help but love it though!