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Well guys this is it....the Apocalypse (To join the game click > here <) . . No but seriously this marks like the end of our game and i don't know about you but on Vingle "We Like 2 Party" so what do you want to do for our next game we've already pilled up some great ideas: Got7 Infinite BTS IKON Monsta X SHINee (You can suggest others if you want)
So before we begin i have one question for you guys how well do you know me.....actually how well do you know Big Bang . . . "What...?" How well do you know us? Let's Find Out Shall We....
So as promised i am going to give you your soulmates <3 and it's really easy, it's pretty straight forward all you have to do is pick your "Baebae"
"If You" are ready to continue Let's go on with our game

All you have to do is pick ONE picture and comment with the name that is placed under it






So all you have to do is pick one and comment the Name of the One you Pick: Ex: The Picture of G-Dragon has T.O.P's name under it so you would comment "T.O.P"
And don't worry I promise you will definitely get you soul mate this time.... this is the game of our game :P
SURPRISE!!! all of the cards leading up to now we're pretty much pointless XD because this was the only actual thing you needed to get your soul mate yayyyy. . "I hate you" (-_-) I love you guys too ~(^.^)~
I've been sitting here staring at this screen for a good ten minutes now... I've re-read the card 3 times. I don't know what I feel right now. So basically, "wha-? Huh? Wait, what? Stahp! My brain hurts." I've pondered how well I know you and how well I know the boys. I've looked for the clues. I'm almost too scared to continue with the game. But, I will reluctantly choose G-Dragon. That last picture sums up my feelings quite well. @KwonOfAKind- after tomorrow, you will either be my best friend or my arch- nemesis. Only time will tell....
....T.O.P.... Yes, yes, t.o.p :) (also, this is my first game played, :)) thank youuuu!)
Let's go with TaeYang and see what I get
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