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This series is where I pick two fictional characters from anything, list off their feats and abilities then, decide on who I think would win based off of the facts. I wanted to finish this season with a powerful fight so, I decided why not put two of the most powerful anime characters against each other?
Combatant one: Ichigo Soul Reaper- Flashstep. (Highspeed technique said to be at least speed of sound and one of the best at the technique) Getsuga Tenshou. (release of spiritual pressure capable of city busting) Flight. Visored form- (hollow mask) Cero. (hallow release of spiritual pressure capable of city busting) Vasto Lorde transformation- (full hollow release) Sonido. (hallow flashstep much faster than the the flashstep) A much stronger cero. Hierro. (hallow exoskeleton that protects them from damage) High-speed regeneration. (shown to only be used in Vasto Lorde) Crushes a technique with his hand that the explosion was the size of a castle. Quincy- Blut Vene. (spirit particles through the body to increase defense) Stops Aizen's sword with his bare hand. The clash from Ichigo and Aizen's sword created shockwaves that destroyed mountains. Speed that reached a new battlefield in a few seconds miles away from Karakura. Casually broke out of a fully incanted Hadou 90. (unincanted fatally wounded a captain) Took a city buster from Aizen with minimal injury. Mugetsu. (most powerful attack, no said capabilities, cut through multiple mountains but, loses all power) True Zangetsu- Ragdolls 3 Sternritters. (captain level quincy) Sternritter have the intent to fight him 8 against 1. Takes a hit from 5 gigajoules and is okay. (2.99 is capable of vaporizing the human body) Tanks four holy arrows that level a block. Tanks a punch from Sternritter P who has super strength while crashing through multiple buildings. Has enhanced strength and keen intellect.
Combatant two: Naruto Able to create thousands of clones over a large area. (one clone is on kage level) Can run up trees and walk on water. Summonings ranging from Chief Toad to ma and pa toad. Healing factor. Has yelled a fireball out of his face. A tactical genius in combat. Master at tai jutsu and is even one of the best at it. Massive stamina and chakra reserves. Rasengan. Rasen Shuriken. (destroys on a cellular level) Sage Mode: Enhances all types of justsu. Enhances chakra reserves and grants chakra regeneration as well as stamina and health. Grants an invulnerability. (shattered pain sharp weapon with his hand and takes no fall damage even when landing on spikes) Enhances strength more than it already is (stopped a giant charging rhino and threw it by the horn) also, increases speed and perception. Mastered Frog Kumite. (allows Naruto to easily jump into the sky like, a frog and has killed a Pain with a punch without contact) Grants Naruto sensory abilities. (so strong that he could sense the war going on during the war arc across the world) The down side is he has to gather chakra while in combat but, in the war arc he can access it within seconds and in the Last it seems to be instant. A clone has kept up with the third Raikage in speed with just sage mode. Kyuubi Mode: More powerful than sage mode also enhancing strength etc. just like sage mode. Capable of sensing evil. Can create mini rasen shuriken with a single finger. Able to access full nine tails form enhancing all abilities even more. Tailed beast bomb levels multiple mountains and is at least a city buster. Can create mini tailed beast bombs to attack with. Can use chakra cloak at long ranges and is capable of crushing the ground. Can continually fire tailed beast bombs. Combines sage mode with Kyuubi mode enhancing and even enlarging jutsu even, the tailed beat bomb. Crushes large boulders with chakra arms. Strong enough to hold open a tailed beasts mouth in normal kyuubi mode. Capable of fighting multiple tailed beast. Has broken Madara's susanoo. Dodges a max powered attack from fourth Raikage. (Raikage is compared to Minato's Flying Rajen and the Flying Rajen is considered instant, also the Raikage coats himself with lightning making him POSSIBLY the speed of light but, at least speed of sound) Also has moved so fast that he redirected five tailed beast bombs and was mistaken as Minato. Takes a punch from the fourth Raikage. (same punch was able to break through susanoo) Capable of withstanding lava. Kyuubi tails brush away Obito's fire. Chakra arm able to stop Madara's susanoo blade. Capable of fighting in blinding light. Rikudou: Note that a god gave this form to him. By far stronger than any other form and also enhances all abilities and jutsu even further. No longer has to charge up jutsu has been shown to do that without Rikudou in the Last. Possesses all nine tailed beasts. Possesses and even controls the the Truth Seeking Balls. (destroys anything on a molecular level and is said to kill anything) Sage Art Magnet Release Rasengan. (seals target on impact) Prevents Gai from dying by touching his heart and creates Kakashi a new eye. Combines the tailed beast bomb with the rasen shuriken, can create multiple of them. Now capable of flight. Using the five tails chakra makes his chakra boiling hot and also grants even more super strength. Super Tailed Beast Rasen Shuriken. (9 Rasen Shuriken with all tailed beast chakra nature, impact was at least the size of a city and shockwaves destroyed mountains) Can transform into the full nine tails again, this time with three heads and being much stronger than last time. A justu collision with Sasuke caused climatic destruction. Kicked Madara's Truth Seeking Ball. Naruto and Sasuke's swing caused water explosion larger than mountains. Speed blitzes Madara multiple times. Dodges Kaguya's dimensional speed and was even complimented by her. Reaches a new battlefield POSSIBLY on the other side of the planet within seconds. Capable of tanking Amaterasu. (said to burn anything in it's path) Kurama can help gather nature energy. Said to have surpassed Hagorama. (a god) Shown to be capable of using Flying Rajen multiple times in Gaiden.
WINNER: Naruto Naruto is a lot faster than Ichigo, he's proven to be a lot more powerful than Ichigo in just Kyuubi mode. Even if Ichigo's Mugetsu is capable of destroying anything it touches, Naruto has the Truth Seeking Balls which already does that plus, he has kicked a Truth Seeking Ball. Naruto has also stopped Madara's True Susanoo blade which is probably on par with True Zangetsu if not it's close because, his blade can slice through mountains with ease as well. Also the rasen shuriken doesn't just destroy or cut but, it breaks down cells which he enhances many times. Naruto in normal Kyuubi mode was strong enough to keep up with tailed beasts which are the size of the massive city sized hallows Ichigo fights. Ichigo has the cero and Getsuga Tenshou both are at least city busters but, Naruto goes beyond that with not just the explosion from his jutsu but, with the power they posses (sealings, cellular level, and molecular level attacks) Also Ichigo can go full hallow and give him a boost but, it's not even his stronger form so, it won't do much and it would just put him at a disadvantage considering Naruto can sense evil. Kyuubi mode is more than enough to win if not it'll at least match him.
Credits: *Nicol Bolas vs ×Goku *Luffy vs ×Natsu *Akuma vs ×Hulk *Killua vs ×Laxus *Lee vs ×Sanji *Black Widow vs ×Harley Quinn *Swamp Thing vs ×Venom *Predator vs ×Jason *Yamamoto vs ×Whitebeard *Aquaman vs ×Namor vs ×Kisame vs ×Jinbei *Ironman vs ×Sakura *Naruto vs ×Ichigo
Season 2 combatant previews: Superman Hulk Goku Zolo Mewtwo
Please feel free to comment any Versus Battle you would like to see or combatant you'd want in season two and I hope you enjoyed season one, see you in a couple of weeks. Douces!
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