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If you've never had Dominican food, you're seriously missing out. Also here's a tip: the smaller the Dominican restaurant, the chances are that has better food. ;)
They've got everything from mangú to moro de habichuelas. Dominican food is definitely one of my favorite foods. Do you have a favorite Dominican dish?


Mangú is mashed boiled plantains, and may be topped with red onions. It's a popular side dish, served with other foods like rice and meat. Itchin' to make mangu? Check out this recipe.


Yum! This dish is definitely a favorite. It's a chicken stew, cooked with peppers, cilantro, Spanish green olives, and a whole chicken. It goes perfectly with soft white rice, and thick stewed beans. You can read more about pollo guisado here.


Con-con or concón is the best part of the rice. Can you guess what that part is? It's the rice that rests at the bottom of the rice pot. The rice sticks to the bottom, giving it a toasty brown color, and a nice crunch. It's also referred to as 'pegao.' Do you think it's the best part of the rice? Vote here!


This is also called 'herring rice.' It is yellow rice that is cooked with herrings. Cooked in this rice there's also garlic, tomato paste, and olives. It's a complete meal -- but you can never go wrong with a few slices of avocado!


This dish is literally translated to 'the flag' in English. It's a very popular dish and it's eaten often. It has red kidney beans that is cooked in tomato sauce, white rice, and meat (chicken or pork). You might also see fried plantains, and a salad this dish.


Mmm....tostones! These are fried slices of plantains that are fried twice! They are a side dish, and may also be eaten as a snack. Unripe plantains are used for tostones. They are very easy to make -- check out this recipe!


These are sweet potato fries or chips. It's a popular street food. They are made crispy and they only require 4 ingredients: sweet potatoes, water, garlic, and salt. The perfect batata frita is crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside!


This yummy thing is a crispy flat bread that is made from yuca, or cassava. Just like your standard bread, this can be eaten in a variety of ways. It's perfect with side of fried eggs or avocado. But it's even great by itself, with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt.


These are your basic rice and beans. It's a quick dish to prepare, and it's usually served with meat. It's definitely a staple!


This is a mix between a soup and a stew. And it's 100% hearty! It's cooked with rice, sofrito, chicken, Spanish green olives, and vegetables. It's the perfect dish for when it's chilly outside!


This is also called puerco asado. It's pork that is roasted. It's packed with a lot of flavor and it's really juicy and tender.


This is the most wonderful dessert your mouth will ever get to have. Everything about it is perfect -- it's moist, soft, sweet, and creamy. It's a sponge cake with three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream.
yes!! I'll write one up tomorrow
@alywoah can you post a recipe for Tres Leches cake please?? I haven't had it since Miami and would love to have it again
I actually really like that part of the rice anyway all that crunchy goodness has more flavor, you know? @alywoah
thank you! @alywoah
@AnimeGamer haha that's awesome!!! that part of the rice is gooood
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