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Shocking news for everyone in the Kpop community. Eli has had a girlfriend for a while now but no fan could have guessed that he had gotten married!! Apparently Eli and his girlfriend signed their marriage license June 5, 2014. So technically theyve been married for over a year now. They just havent had their ceremony. And on top of all this his wife is now pregnant. The baby should be here in June.
This is his official statement via his Instagram. I will always support him. Its just a little shocking right now. What do you think of new husband and father Eli?
I got the notification and almost choked thought it was a joke.. smh he couldn't be more honest a lil sooner proves how lil faith he has in his fans
I'm so happy for him and Dongho :) They have both found happiness
Soooo crazy!!! I cant believe it!
I'm so so happy he found happiness :) I understand why he kept it from everyone, people overreact and do stupid things sometimes, I'm just glad he had the courage to tell everyone now! I wish them both nothing but happiness in their life and especially when they welcome their baby into the world!!:)