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So a week ago @QueenLee asked me to write her a story with Suga or Jin, so here it is. Its a big long....but enjoy
Story for @QueenLee "Beth this is going to be okay. Its going to go great,you'll love him" Beth's friend said to her before she left her apartment. Beth Morales recently had a bad coming in a relationship. Her boyfriend who lasted five years with her, randomly broke of their relationship for no reason and even though that happened Beth still had enough courage to ask him directly for the truth, but he simply stated that he loved someone else and he didn't want to be in a relationship anymore. Beth just wasn't what he wanted. She took it all in. She heard him all the way to the end and waited until he was out of sight,to then begin to cry. Beth cried and cried all night she had a broken heart. Her boyfriend was the only person who she truly loved other than her family. He was a whole part of her world, he was her ride or die,but sadly he wasn't the guy she always thought he was. Beth was a wreck for many, many days. She wouldn't talk to anyone, she stayed cooped up in her house not bothering to leave or take a walk. Beth didn't let anyone be by her side. she became cold hearten without feeling any pity for her self. she swore she was done with life, that she was done with love. The only person she let in during this time was her best friend, mainly due to the fact that her best friend forces herself into her life during hard times. Beth was thankful she had a person like that in her life, someone to be there for her when she went through rough times. On a late Friday night, Beth was enjoying her time at home, enjoying a good show she finally gave a shot to watch. Beth had the tendency to make list of things to do for a specific day, to only put them off for days, forgetting about them. When a commercial come up, Beth stood up from her couch to get something to drink. The moment she grabbed a glass from the top of her cabinet, she heard a knock making her quickly look over to the door. Beth stood there, she contemplated whether to open the door or let them knock until they got tired and left. Another knock came and another, each one louder then the other. Beth gave up and slowly walked to the door. Looking through the peep hole, only to find her best friend on the other side of the door. It made sense to Beth that she would nearly break the door in half until she opened up. Unlocking the door Beth welcomed her in with a small smile. "Go put on something pretty" "Wait, What!" "You heard me" Beth was confused. She was taken back by the words. 'Put on something pretty'...why? "I don't want too" "You have too" "And why?" "Because...." "Because.." "Your...going ..on a blind date" "Oh", was all Beth said. She turned around, went back to her cabinet and got the glass again. She slowly strolled her way over to the fridge. Opened the door got the carton of juice and poured herself a glass. Slowly putting the carton back, closing the fridge door. She walked over to the kitchen table in the middle of the room, took a sip and looked back at her friend and simply said "Hell no" "But why!" "Jamie, I just don't want to deal with men right now. I need time" "You had plenty of time. You had a whole month. He wasn't the right guy for you, everyone knew it. I knew it. Come on. The guy you'll meet is way better, he sweet, hot, amazing." "Those aren't good reasons, and I still need time to get over him" "No you don't. Please do this as a friend. I'm worried about you, I want you to get better, just please. This is the only thing I'll ask." Beth sighed and looked away. She didn't want to go. She simply wanted to stay home and morn to try and get over him. "But how was a blind date going to help me get over him?". Beth asked Jamie "It would be worse if you don't try to find a new love Beth, trust me you will enjoy this date." Jamie said convincingly . Beth looked over at her again. Her friend was honestly worried, She could a least let Beth know that she was going to do this, even if it seemed like a bad plan, but hopefully everything will come out and things will probably go right this time. Beth let out another sigh. "Fine" Jamie look at her with delight. "That's right girl, lets get this party started!" ***** Beth got dressed. She wore a strapless thigh high black dress. The dress was designed with pale pink flowers. She wore one inch high wedges. Some of her hair was clipped up with a beautiful design that when you see it you'll attention will be focused her hair. Her wrists and neck had silver jewelry on them and she wore beautiful earrings with a high quality of diamonds. She was just as gorgeous as a princess. When Beth was done changing, Jamie went and drove her to the restaurant. Beth was nervous and anxious. She didn't know anything about this guy, and she was just so worried that the night would not come out how she expected. "Jamie...I don't know if I want to go now" "What are you saying. You dressed up, and were parked next to the restaurant, and i'm not wasting anymore gas." Beth gave her a look. "Wow , really" "Come on you already said yes. he's a great guy" "How am I supposed to believe you when I don't know anything about him. What if he's a murder!" "Okay relax, first of all. No one is a murder, and second of all I know him, so your fine" "Yeah 'fine' ". Beth let out an irritated sigh. She just wanted to go home. She regretted even saying yes to her best friend. "You should go now before he thinks you ditched him" Beth looked at her friend and gave her a dirty look. Beth took her clutched purse and opened the door to the car. She let out a sigh before getting up, slamming the door. She began to walk toward the restaurant doors. Before she could enter she heard Jamie shout behind her."It reserved under Kim!" Beth turned her body around and gave her a faint smile and went inside the restaurant. Walking a few feet in ,she was greeted by the host. The host gave her a big smile, looking right at her. "How may I help you?" 'What kid of question is that' Beth thought. "Um,I'm here for a reservation" "Under..." "K-Kim" The host looked through a few pages and looked at Beth again with a smile "It's a party for two....where's.." "He's on his way". The host nodded and took Beth through a row of table to her table. "We have a 20 minute waiting period, if your date doesn't show up you'll have to give up the table". The host gave Beth another smile and left. Beth slowly sat down and picked up the menu, browsing through it to kill time. A few minutes later the host came back to the table. Beth looked up at the clock about to protest that 20 minutes haven't even passed until she saw a man standing behind her. Beth quickly looked away. "Here's your table sir". Beth heard the chair moving back. Then she heard the scooting, and slowly looked at the man in front of her. He gave her a small smile. "Hi" "H-hi" Beth shuddered. Her face was slowly becoming red and hot. The man in front of her was a beauty. His skin looked milky white with slick reddish brown hair, had a strong good looking feature. He had the perfect smile. Beth couldn't do nothing but stare. He squirmed a bit and looked away and finally said something. " So, um what's your name" "Beth....Beth Morales" "That's a pretty name, mine's Kim Seokjin....wait Seokjin Kim." Beth let out a small laugh. "S-eok..Jin." "You could just call me Jin" "Okay...Jin!" Jin gave her a small smile. "You look p-pretty". he said with embarrassment. He bowed his head down, taking his hand and rubbed the back of his neck. Beth smiled, almost laughing. The fact that he was shy really grabbed her attention. "you look very handsome" Beth replied back. "So Jin...did my friend put you up to this" "Well..yes. She said I would get to meet an amazing beautiful person but I guess she wasn't wrong. Beth you amaze me." said jin delighted. "Thank you". Beth couldn't stop blushing. Her cheeks turned red. After small talk they decided to order some food. They ate in silence but once in a while they would begin to laugh at the each other. Beth was surprised about the amount of food Jin had order, and more surprised by the fact that he ended up eating it all. At the end of the date they both went outside. Jin had offered to stay with her until Jamie came back. "It was a good blind date, wasn't it" Beth looked up at jin, and smiled. "Yeah it..it was" Beth had a great time. Jin was like a fairy tail to her. He was amazing, the night went better than what Beth had expected. "Looks like she's here." "Yeah." Beth sighed. She wanted the night to continue. She waved him goodbye and began walking. "Ah..wait". Beth jumped a little when he spoke up. Beth turned herself to look up in confusion "W-what" She shuddered. Jin placed his hand under her chin and leaned in. He slowly leaned in and gave her a chaste kiss. Beth blushed. Her face got hot. Jin let her chin go and backed away. "see you Next time". He turned around and walked away. Beth stood there, unable to move. After a while she smiled. "Yeah, see you next time".
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