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Part two is now up! If you wanna read Part 1, click here! please give your opinion, and what you think about this story, and what shocked you the most. thank you and love you all so much!
Play back of the first part: The words could not be taken back, you were crying suddenly, "I don't even know what I did..." You ran off, "God dammit.... you didn't do anything..." He had tried to run after you, but before he could reach you, or even turn around he heard a car slamming on the brakes and a thud. He turned around to see you got hit by a car. He ran to you and picked you up, but just touching you, he could see the pain in your eyes. The pain from what has happened between the two of you, and the pain from getting hit. "(Y/N)! Oh my god... What have I done... I'm so sorry..." Others from the party must have heard the sound, because next thing you knew, guests were coming out to see what happened. Yoongi kissed your forehead, he was crying. He had actually showed that he cared for you, but him showing it now was just to late. Nothing could undo this. "(Y/N).. I do love you... I don't know what I was thinking... I'm so sorry.." "Yoongi...." He hushed you, "Call me Suga..." He was giving you the name. You were truly special, but he just showed it too late. "Suga.. Promise me to learn from this... Please, take care of my family.... I... I love you, Min Yoongi." Those were you last words, before dying. "I love you too (Y/N).." Yoongi had said as he was bawling his eyes out. Ambulances had came, and even tried reviving you, but they too were just to late. Yoongi, had Lost his Love. Suga's POV: Y/N had died in my arms. I could feel the tears falling from my eyes. I saw one man checking Y/N's pulse, and I also saw people talking, but yet I heard nothing. They took her in the ambulance, leaving for the hospital. The man who killed her was apologizing a lot to my parents and I, but instead of forgiveness from myself, I went up to him grabbing his shoulder, since his back was facing me, and punched him in the face. "Why did you have to be there at that moment!? Even a couple seconds away from then, she would've been fine!" He didn't reply, only the look of sorrow, worry, and shock was his expression. Dad pulled me away from the man, hugging me. Usually, I would've pulled away, act like everything was fine. It is hard to think that when my voice was all raspy and tears were falling from my eyes, so we all knew i wasn't okay. I was hurting, but who wouldn't after they just witnessed the love of their life die right in front of them? So, I hugged my dad back, crying on his shoulder. Even with my eyes shut, I could still see Y/N's face. Thoughts were racing through my head; Why weren't you nicer to her? Why didn't you listen to her? Why didn't you stop? Why didn't you realize your feelings for her before this happened? What is wrong with you? More thoughts just popping up in my head from this. What happened was the world just took the main thing I cared for and said "Fuck you, you don't deserve this for what you have done!" My head, my thoughts, they were all just beating me up. I was so focused on Y/N and my thoughts, I hadn't realized that my parents took us to the hospital to see her. What was the point though? She is gone... Right? "What is the point of having her here if she is already dead?" My voice, quiet, low, raspy, but lound enough for my dad to hear me. "She is just unconscious from the pain and blood loss. They are going to try sugary on her to keep her alive. If that some how fails, they will have to take her to a doctor who can revive her easily. Either way, she should live through this," I had some hope as he said that, "At least, that is what they are saying." The last words he spoke made me lose most hope I was giving her. She basically had a 50-50 chance she could live or die. After a couple hours, Surgery had finished and was a success. The downside was, Y/N had not awoken yet. We were told that it may take some time before she would awake. The doctors had a place, they called a waiting house, and sent me there to wait until Y/N would awake. My parents went home, trusting me to be there when Y/N would awake, but what if she doesn't? Every night, all I could dream about was Y/N, most the time was of her death, every single moment of it. After I would awake I would wake up in tears, and in pain. I honestly wanted it to stop. It was about a week and a half, waiting, I had lost hope that she would awake. So I decided to go to the nearest gas station, buying a gallon of gas, and a lighter. When I got back to the "waiting house" I put the gas beside the bed, as I laid on the bed playing with the lighter, thinking about if my decision. Was it right? Was it wrong? Was this the path that I belong? Who knew that I would love a person this much, so much I would die for them. Yes, I thought, this is the right thing to do... I stood up, poured the gasoline on the sides of each wall, and the bed last, I grabbed the lighter I had been playing with earlier, lit it and tossed it on the bed. Watching the flames surrounding me, I stood there, looking out the window, the closing my eyes to look up at the ceiling. Run out! I opened my eyes, looking at the window, seeing before me was Y/N gesturing to the window to jump. Before I could say anything, she disappeared. May this be my head playing with me, or it was her, I wasn't going to die just yet. I need you girl... I thought to myself, Don't die on me now. I ran out the window, through the flames landing on the roof, which was thankfully there, that was next to my house. Nothing stopped me from running back to the hospital. I went straight to Y/N's room, sitting down next to her, holding her hand. "Y/N, don't die on me now. I need you, I will do anything just to get you back. Heck, I almost died just to be with you! Please just wake up... I love you.." Her hand twitched, but that was all. Loss of hope after a couple hours, I got up and walked to the door. "Suga... I love you too.." I looked back after hearing her weak, soft, beautiful voice. She was back, tears falling from my eyes as I looked at her. I walked back and kissed her hand, "I burned a house down for you, you know? Please don't leave me again."
Even now you still get feels. Hope you guys enjoyed the story. For all the BTS fans, they know about the I Need U song and video, if you were wondering if parts of this story was from it, it was. tagging though wanted to! also, I could make more stories if you guys want, so leave down below what you want me to make! @Emealia @KellyOConnor @Allyson3333 @DeniseiaGardner @reyestiny93 @SugaOnTop
Oh my god you're a genius for sneaking in I Need U!!! That was so good!!
I'm glad he got out goodness boy a little radical
this was a rollercoaster for my poor feeling I really enjoyed it tho!
@reyestiny93 sorry for the wait, I'm working on the story now. there is going to be some parts to the story though, will upload when the first part is done okay?
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