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The season finale is in a few hours!

And you know they're gonna leave us with a terrible cliffhanger, just like always. This week's preview told us that Hydra didn't intent for Fitz to come back alive...

But you know Jemma won't stand for that.

Remember, Hydra doesn't know that they have an ally on the planet. Nor did they realize that Coulson went after them. So team S.H.I.E.L.D still has a chance! The question is now: Who's gonna watch it with me?
@Bakuman247 lol yeah we can see all the hints they dropped that we missed
@shannonl5 awesome thats sounds like an amazing plan!!!
@Bakuman247 lol do it!!! Since I think there's a few people behind we could probably get a rewatch of the season going
@shannonl5 gonna watch now though then message you about the epicness 8)
@shannonl5 awww man ur the best so sorry for missing it i ended up on the phone for 4 hours. Sorry about that
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