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@shannonl5 Oh No!!! I guess that's one way to teach your friends a lesson. if they are anything like my friends the guilt came after they had a moment to laugh! 馃槃 I used to watch all the horror movies I could get my hands on. Going so far as to try to watch every B horror flick there was starting at age 12. Now I can't watch any and still am afraid of the dark. It's pretty pathetic!
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@2Distracted XD no I'm the same way. If I'm not paying attention to the movie/making fun of it I'm usually fine, but if I let myself get invested even a little I'm usually pretty terrified, even if it's a bad horror movie XD and yeah I totally woke those friends up in the middle of the night to ask for bandages
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What always bothered me the most about not so much the guts and gore horror flicks but the mess with your brain psychological thrillers was somewhere out there there is a guy walking the streets that actually thought that movie up. Someone who's capable of thinking like a psychopath. who just got paid a lot to produce it into a movie. That that creeps me out!
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Well now we know what not to do馃槀 @shannonl5 @2Distracted
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@xxdaschxx lol yup learn from my mistakes XD @2Distracted the psychological ones are the ones I can actually enjoy! Gore doesn't bug me, but all the screaming does- I get this sympathetic pain response kind of and it's just unpleasant. Jump scares are the ones that freak me out/put me on edge/cause me to cut my fingers open haha
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