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Naruto and Sasuke are my second favorite broship. Because they can bring the best out of each other because of the competition they have. Another reason is because Naruto never gave up on Sasuke even when everyone told Naruto to stop going after Sasuke, he never did. Also because they both grew up in despair and sadness having to live without their family and always being alone. Sure they might have had their ups and downs but they did acknowledge each other in their strength (Even if they did not say it out loud) And sure Sasuke might have left Konoha and Naruto but he did say that Naruto became his "closest friend". Plus Sasuke came back when Naruto was fighting Madarama to help him. I mean that is just my own opinion, I know people have different opinions and thought, but this, this one is mine. And no one will change my mind
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They are my number one! @Kirik Naruto and Sasuke I mean of course
@Kirik Well Hunter x Hunter is a good anime I recommend it. @UzumakiJess And yeah Sasuke & Naruto Gon & Killua are the best broship
Yes. The only other one I might add to those two broships is Ed and Al! 😁 @TheAnimeManiac
@TheAnimeManiac who is your first
@koforouzuchi My first broship? Gon and Killua from Hunter x Hunter