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Elf on the Shelf, originally to scare children into good behavior to land a coveted spot on the nice list, has officially gone rouge. In any household that has a child over the age of 12, Elf on the Shelf has become more of a competition of who can have the naughtiest (and most creative) elf.
And it is AMAZING! Check out some of the best ones here!
Can you believe spider man is teaching Elf how to funnel? Although from the look on Elfs face, I can guess he's already a champ at that.
D*ick in a box. I appreciate this on a level most will not understand. And the creeper beard just really rounds out this shady Elf on the shelf.
Woa, Woa, Woa, looks like Santas little helper has gotten himself wrapped up in Girls Gone Wild. This one is just a little too traumatizing to my inner child.
This one is more clever then anything else! A Dexter amongst dolls. No one is safe.
Immaturity is always the most funny!! A good poop joke is exactly what the holidays call for.
hey, how did he get my number??? :-0
@danidee I feel o.o
@buddyesd Death 2 Elf.
@danidee yea, he must pay!!! (angrily shakes fist in the air)
@buddyesd You should hunt that elf down and make him pay.
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