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Newly elected Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau plans to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana.
What does the legalization look like? Well, they are modeling their program after the US states that regulated it.
Trudeau said in a speech today that Canada currently has a “failed system” and this would help remove the “criminal element” linked to the drug.
They will closely analyze the experiences of Colorado and Washington state, which recently legalized pot, to determine a best fit for Canada.

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What do you think of this move by Canada? With the promise of Canada legalizing marijuana, what do you think that means for the U.S. and other countries?

I live in Colorado and none of the thingd you are saying about legalizing marijuana so far is even close to true. There has not been an increase in people abusing stronger drugs no more than anywhere else, no one here is trying to legalize heroin or meth or cocaine or anything stronger., What legalization has done is caused tge growing and selling of marijuana to be very regulated. It has generated tons of revenue for the state in taxes and tourism. In my opinion, yes, anything is bad for your body in excess. Marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, fatty foods., they all are unhealthy...and yes, I put marijuana in the same category as those others. I won't state it as fact, but im willing to bet that more people die from over-the-counter medications than from marijuana, and one benefit of legalization is that it actually keep people from doing something eay more harmful like synthetic marijuana
I say, legal or illegal, people will choose to use drugs. I'm seeing marijuana at a lesser value if it should be legalized. Making drugs illegal does not stop people from using it. People will find ways and means to destroy their bodies and there's no way you can stop them. I mean one can be helped at some point in time but,you know... Legalize d weed!!
I'm definitely for this because it will certainly make mj use safer- when it's criminalized you can't be sure if what you're using has been tainted with other drugs (which can lead to serious health problems). As it is mj is far less addictive than alcohol and in the states at least leads to far fewer DUI-type incidents. It was criminalized as part of the war on drugs, which was a thinly veiled way to legally suppress people who were protesting the government and fighting for civil rights. I can definitely see the concerns that @InPlainSight and @peahyr brought up, and I hope that following this there's an emphasis on how to use responsibly and safely. But truthfully I think this will mean more revenue through taxes and far fewer needless arrests for nonviolent drug offenders
Canada's new PM knows what's up! He can box, he's good looking, and he's going to legalize weed!
this would help their economy so much.
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