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People say there is no inequality between the sexes. People argue that feminist are "crazy bitches" that aren't calling for equality, but demanding total control and power over men. Ugh, gag me. The realness behind this tweet is disturbing.
The fact that we women have to constantly worry weather or not a man we meet up with is going to hurt us, drug us, rape us, take photos of us, or even MURDER us is sickening. Women are always warned to meet in a public place. To not drink on the first date, to take their own car to the meet up.
Men are just told, "I hope she's as hot as her pictures."
But no, you're right, we totally don't live in a rape culture patriarchy where women are "objects" for men to play, use, and discard.

Does anyone else not see how terrifying this tweet is !?

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So still haven't answered my question..... So your plan is to educate men not to rape? Like it's that easy? And I'm not saying rape is bad, but your plan is trying to control people's behavior by telling them what they already know.
@KiraHitomi I am assuming you meant you're not saying rape is good. I get what you're saying, people should know that rape is bad but things such as being a girl being drunk, a girl being dressed a certain way, a girl not being pure is NOT Consent, yet it is treated that way. People need to be thought what consent is because it isn't that hard
@LizArnone you should watch this video on YouTube about when to give someone a cup of tea
I personally don't date on the internet because of this fear or another fear about dating on the internet is well... fakers. if you ever seen the show catfish on MTV you would know what I mean.
the internet is a dangerous place. I met my new Beau at work and we are sure we are for each other but, not everyone gets that lucky.