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People say there is no inequality between the sexes. People argue that feminist are "crazy bitches" that aren't calling for equality, but demanding total control and power over men. Ugh, gag me. The realness behind this tweet is disturbing.
The fact that we women have to constantly worry weather or not a man we meet up with is going to hurt us, drug us, rape us, take photos of us, or even MURDER us is sickening. Women are always warned to meet in a public place. To not drink on the first date, to take their own car to the meet up.
Men are just told, "I hope she's as hot as her pictures."
But no, you're right, we totally don't live in a rape culture patriarchy where women are "objects" for men to play, use, and discard.

Does anyone else not see how terrifying this tweet is !?

It is sickening... whats even worse is that as a guy I know nothing of the fear and its hard for me to recognize it if I do.
things have changed too much for my comfort, where do I get off :(
I wonder what it would be like if we asked women and men their thoughts about walking to work/commuting to home late at night? I think it would also be pretty drastically different.
What's sickening is how incredibly rational that fear is
@LizArnone I dont date much.. and if I do its always with someone who knows me and is okay with me. I like having trust, because fear does not equal a healthy relationship. And if there is ever fear... all I want to do is make them feel safe.
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