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(Okay....Jeonghan here needs to stay in his lane. He is jacking up my bias list so hard, it's not even funny. I JUST WANT TO....... UGH!!!! I can't even anymore....I literally can't even.... I'm done.)
Thunder rumbled outside my window. I woke up in shock. I sighed and laid on my back. I ran my hand through my hair. I hated the thunderstorms. Seoul has been experiencing a series of them and each of them has meant one thing. Another sleepless night. I got out of bed and shuffled to my door. I walked out of my room and down the hallway. I saw the kitchen light was on. I walked around the corner and saw Jeonghan stirring sugar into a cup of tea. His hair was in a messy ponytail and he looked slightly groggy but still beautiful nonetheless. He heard me and looked over. When he saw it was me, he smiled. JEONGHAN'S POV: I can't sleep during a thunderstorm to save my life. I have been afraid of thunderstorms my entire life. I can't really explain why. I think because the sound of the thunder kinda sorta scares me. I know. Not very manly but I can't help. I walked down to the kitchen around 2:45 and decided to make myself some tea. It might help me to sleep. I put some water in a kettle and placed it on the stove. After taking the water off the stove as it starts boiling, I pour it into my mug. To my right, I heard some shuffling. Looking over, I silently gasp as I see (Y/N) rounding the corner. "Oh my. Did I wake you up?" I ask, feeling guilty. "No. Not at all." She smiles, leaning against the door frame. She ran a hand through her hair and it cascaded over her right shoulder. I couldn't help but be memorized. I might have long hair but I can't compete with her waist length (H/C) hair. It seems weightless. "Are you okay?" She asks. I must have been staring. "Yeah. I'm fine. I just kinda got dazed, I guess." I answer nervously. She walked into the kitchen and got another mug from the cabinet. She grabbed a bag of hot cocoa and filled the mug with hot water. She put the mug in the microwave and pressed 2 minutes into the timer. She stood next to me and looked up to meet my gaze. She smiled slightly. "Can you not sleep either?" She asked me. "Yeah. I'm not a big fan of nightly thunderstorms." I confess, running my index finger along the rim of my mug. She nodded and looked at the microwave timer, watching as the numbers ticked down. "What type?" She asked. "Excuse me?" I ask back. "What type? Of tea? If you're having trouble going to sleep, chamomile works best." She informs me. "Oh. Yeah. I made jasmine tea. The aroma always helps me sleep." I tell her. "Wow. Is it good?" She turns to me. "Yeah. It is. Would you like to try some?" I hold the cup out to her. She nods and takes the cup in her hands, our fingers brushing each other. I blushed a bit and she looked away, taking the mug from my hands. I watched as she took a small sip. She swallowed and smiled, sighing. "That is good." She smiled, handing me the cup. " mom used to drink it. She is the one who introduced it to me. She would make it and give it to me when I was sick or in the winter time." I mumbled. She nodded, intently listening. "Sorry.....I'm kinda rambling." I admit. "Oh no. It's okay....I like hearing you talk about your family. Your expression just brightens." She smiles, kindly. I chuckle and look down. The microwave beeped softly and she opened the door, to take out the mug. She reeled back, burning her hand on the handle. I gasp and turn on the faucet, cold water streaming downward. I took her wrist and brought her hand under the cool water, hoping to soothe the burn as much as possible. I looked up as the water hit her palm and saw the tension leave her features. She sighed in relief and I held her hand under the water for five minutes. After that, I took her hand from under the faucet and wrapped it in a soft towel, switching the water off. I dried the water off her hand gently, blushing at how close to each other we were. "Thank you." She muttered, embarrassed. "No problem." I muttered back, getting self conscious. I looked up and saw her looking down, nervously. I chuckled to myself at how cute she was. She looked up and met my gaze. "What is it?" She blushed, slightly. "Its're so cute." I smiled. "You think I'm cute?" She squeaked. I nodded and my gaze fell to her lips. YOUR POV: I looked up at Jeonghan and was marveled at his beautiful face. His elongated features never failed to amaze me. I saw that he was looking at my lips. I gulped and his eyes met mine. He leaned down and I looked up, our lips meeting softly. He was still holding my hand in his right. He pulled my hand toward his chest and snakes his arm around my waist, deepening the embrace. I complied, dazed. He pulled back and looked at me. I blushed again and smiled, looking down. "That was intense, huh?" He asked, a smirk making its way to his face. I nod. "Pretty intense." "I like you, (Y/N)......I have for a while. I just never got the coirage to tell you. I guess I was a bit starstruck whenever I was around you." He confessed. "Look who's talking." I joked. We laughed together. "I love you, (Y/N)." He sighed. "I love you too." I smiled, listening as the rain thudded against the ceiling. Hmm....somehow, I'm not afraid of the rain anymore. I wonder why.
(Okay. I hate how it took me so long to post an imagine and it's crap. I apologize.)
😯 I cut my long hair to get it like his. lol .... I like it anyways, I see why he doesn't mind long hair. The hair style is weight less. ☺
it's not crap, it's very cute!
aww that was adorable😊
it's not crap silly be nice to yourself :) very cute
OMG this is so cute!! Of course Jeonghan likes girls who have longer hair than him!!! Lol