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Okay this is a story about some cool chicas that came together to take over the kpop world! Debute card here.... @VixenViVi....Leader/Rapper aka ViVi @SugaOnTop.....Dancer/Rapper aka Nabi @amobigbang......Visual/dancer.....aka Luna @B1A4BTS5ever......Rapper/Singer....aka Lavish @thePinkPrincess......Main Vocals......aka Kit Kat @Baekyeol27.......Maknae/ Vocals ..aka Lea


The ladies were getting ready for their interview with The girls knew they had to be on point since this source tends to stretch the truth. ViVi was looking at her watch. "Where the heck is Luna? Did she forget?" "Well the last time I seen her she was with Jimin. She told me not to wait up." Nabi said while grinning and opening up her coconut water. "Is she dating him now? Geeze...I thought she was with Ji-Young?" Lea says while trying not to laugh. "Well, you know our girl." ViVi says while shaking her head. The interviewer was stepping in when Luna rushed in. She sat next to Kit Kat. "I'm happy you could join us Luna!" ViVi pushed out a smile and tilted her head to the side. "I'm sorry amgias...long story." Luna says.


"Hello Ladies, my name is Kim from and I'm hear to ask you a few questions. Thank you so much for your time." "Oh you welcome and thank you for having us." ViVi says. Everyone else smiles and nods. Kim: Let's get started. How did you all meet? ViVi: Well we all went to an audition held by YG. They were looking to build a unique group. Kit Kat: After a million auditions we made it and they put us together. We have been besties since then. Kim: How would you describe the style and sound of your group? Luna: Well we are a perfect blend of hip hop and pop. You can see that in our single "Whacha Gonna Do". We are bold, feminine, strong, and sassy. Our style fashion wise is diverse. Lavish: Yeah I totally agree. Kim: Now you all know I have to ask about you all love life. Kit Kat what's up with you and Jin? Kit Kat: Oh we are just hanging out right now. He's and awesome person. Kim: Right now you say? Is there any plans as a couple in the future? Kit Kat: Only fate will know! Kim: Nabi what about you and Suga? I heard he caught you with T.O.P? Nabi: Yes we are still together Suga and I have been going strong for almost 1 year. Let me stop that T.O.P rumor. He's like a big brother to me and a great mentor. However, cheating is not in my DNA. Kim: Luna what about you. Last time you were with GD and now we see you and Jimin all booed up on instagram and twitter. Jimin tweeted eres mío and there was a picture of you and him. Luna: Jimin and I are a love interest. He was telling the world that I am his. GD and are still good friends but our time as a couple has ended. Kim: Lea is it true that you are looking into acting? Lea: I don't know yet, but that idea does seem fun. Kim: ViVi so what should we expect from CrayZ? ViVi: Well we have some new music and music videos coming out soon. Plus we will do a collaboration with a famous boy kpop group. But it's a surprise. Also next week we will begin our casts on the V app. Kim: Well, thank you ladies. It was a pleasure. CrayZ: Thank you so much!


Luna, Jimin, Nabi, and Suga walked into CrayZ's apartment. The rooms were filled with delicious smells. Lea and Lavish were in the back laughing and going over their dance routine. ViVi was out with Choi Minho. "Wow, what smells so good?" Suga says while putting up his coat. "I was thinking the same thing." Nabi says while looking around. Luna and Jimin walk into the kitchen. Kit Kat and Jin were in the kitchen getting ready to set the table. "Jin I should've known it was cooking bro." Jimin says while giving him a hug. "Yeah well Kit Kat asked me over and we decided to cook for you all." Jin says. "We as in him cooking. I did the chopping, stirring, and tasting." Kit Kat giggles. "Honey you were a huge help!" Jin says while kissing her on her forehead. "Yuck we don't want to see that." Lea laughs. "Well at least we not like Luna and Jimin. They always need a room!" Kit Kat blurts. Everyone laughs. Jimin faces turns red. Luna rolls her eyes. "Let's eat!" Suga says Everyone sat at the table. "Before we eat Nabi I must ask you something." Nabi eyes widen as she stared at Jin. She was super scared, but excited. She had no idea what was gonna come out of Jin's sweet mouth. She gazed into his eyes. "Yes, Jin?" Jin took a deep breath and said.....


I'm so nervous what is he going to ask me. OmO am I in trouble because of the TOP rumor? Is he going to ask why Suga and I aren't engaged yet? I'm going to go CrayZ not knowing. Hahaha see what I did
Honestly I see what comes to me in my dreams @shantalcamara and @Baekyeol27
😂😂😂😂 @amobigbang I was just like proposition. I don't know why it just was
Lol @shantalcamara that sounds good
Ah, @amobigbang I love Taehyung and Jhorse equally though :0
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