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Namjoon came back holding two bottles of beer, "Here, this should help take the edge off. And you won't be so tense." He extended his arm that was holding a bottle, and I pushed it away. "I know we're able to drink, but why here?" "Because I know you're uncomfortable, (Y/N). So here, just drink it." Namjoon offered the bottle again. I sighed and reluctantly took the bottle. I opened it and took little sips. I didn't really enjoy drinking this, but it did make things more tolerable. Things became lighter as I relaxed into the couch while sipping on my third bottle of beer. I could feel myself getting tipsy, but I didn't think it was too bad. But I was horribly wrong… "Mmmn.. Namjoon-ssi? Can we go home know? I is sssick.." I mumbled putting on my best puppy face. "Yeah just wait a minute, I have other things I want to show you anyway." Namjoon smiled. I couldn't really tell if he was drunk, or if he was sober. If anything, I couldn't tell left from right. So all I did was act like a little girl, and jumped in circles. "Does she always act like this? (Y/N) is so childish, you should go out with a real woman like me." A girl said in a flirtatious tone, as she ran he finger across Namjoon's chest. "Hey! No one told you that you could touch him!" I stood up immediately, "Namjoon we're leaving, right now." I walked towards the door. I really didn't like anyone in there. I did talk to a couple of them, but it's not like I wanted to. Namjoon forces me to. "(Y/N), what's wrong? You looked like you were having fun. Why did you just walk out like that?" Namjoon asked. I turned around, in almost a stomp. "Because! I hate that all those girls were hitting on you! I wanted you all to my self, but they kept taking you away from me! I like you, so maybe I want to spend quality time with you!" I cried. Namjoon stood there, astonished. "I didn't know you felt that way about me. Why didn't you tell me?" He asked. The only thing I remember past that is telling him how much I liked him, and that I would do anything to show him. The rest his a blur… Untill morning came, that is.
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