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No spoilers here, just to clarify that lol. So I've read the the newest chapter where Nastu fighting you know who (for those who read the manga) and it looks like he might win, but how will he react to this secret? Can Nastu kill him..
However, before meeting up with him Natsu told Happy " when all of this is over I have something important to do" which could literally mean anything since its Natsu. Maybe he'll confess his feelings to Lucy who knows? Lucy on the other hand is to shy to admit her feelings for Natsu. Plus it's been a while since she seen Natsu with everything that happened (in the manga). I know it's cliché but I seriously want them together. If I could push their faces together I would in a heart beat. Hope you enjoyed my card! Edit made by me 🤗
I bet, I'd probably act like I'm on drugs from being so happy @jessicafoster73
@yulissab2015 probably fangirl all night long! ive been waiting for this for a very long time dude oh my goodness ❤❤❤
i really do hope they end up together i would squeal of excitement!
@sanRico no problem glad I could help
Ok thx for writing back and ill go check out the manga again thx
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