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I will untie Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke .Then I will let kakashi do whatever because he is cool. Next I want Naruto talk to me because he is funny and cool. Last I will want Sasuke to be his good looking self because I am such a fan girl when it comes to Sasuke Lol!
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I'd drag them all to my basement and switch out the ropes for chains. then I'd turn my basement into a proper harem slave room *cackles evilly*
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Hand them over to the fangirls. I'm sure a few of them would have enough money to make it worth my while. 馃槇
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I'm a guy, but I would remove Kakashi's mask to see what he looked like.
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well. to start I would pretend to save them while actually rekidnapping them, then I would lock em in my basement (soundproof) and brag that I have naruto and friends in my basement
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Lots of bad ideas comes to mind, coming up with one is proving to be difficult so mostly likely take them to my unknown location and most likely force them to be my slaves in my harem, then one by one have people come over paying to have their sweet time with them . I'll be a millionaire by then.
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