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Omg! This is so true!!!!! I been loving the solo stuff, Zico been killing me with his! But WHERE THE FUCK IS BLOCK B COMEBACK!!! I need block b! Why are you guys no show???? You have been on the v app every now and then but come on!!! I need my derp Kings to give me more music to go crazy over!!! Ugh! Why do you make BBC suffer like this?!?!?!?!?! I really hope soon they announce a comeback!! Cause I need my boys!!! I am getting worried here!!!!
I know I also noticed when Zico was announcing his three new songs I thought about how block b hasn't released anything in a while atleast they are still performing like when they came to the US I was happy to know they are still growing but you know I miss block-b they are my favorite group because they make good music and aren't famous because of how hot they are they actually have talent
@ZicoOppa that is why I love them and they are my ultimate group because they aren't your typical kpop group! To me they are more real then a lot of the others. I'm glad they are still performing together! The focus more on the music then their looks, and I love them for it! I need a comeback!
I know I miss them so badly!!! Block B was the group that got me and my sister into kpop with Nilili Mambo, and we've missed them so much. I mean we had our two biases in Bastarz (P.O for me, U-Kwon for her), but I miss all of the boys together!
Preach it!!!! I've been saying this since April which is there usual come back time. I love Zico. He is bae. But I miss them as a group. T.T