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Hi guys! Nightcore is awesome... And I was wondering if you know of any recommendations =3 I try to avoid country and rap though ^_^ Pretty much anything else is fine by me. Here are a few examples of songs that I like, and I'm not sure what the music genres are but these songs are kind of like what I'm searching for (very specific... I know xP) Courtesy Call - Thousand Foot Krutch Make A Move - (forgot band name XD ) Control - Halsey Phoenix - Fall Out Boy Centuries - Fall Out Boy Warriors - Imagine Dragons (I believe) Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez Secret - (forgot name again >~<) Ummm yeah so anything around there would be great!! Thanks for any and all music suggestions! Arigato! c:
courtesy call , thousand foot krutch
Monster(Meg and Dia) Anima Libera Angel of Darkness Moonlight Shadow My Girl Poison God is a Girl
Angel with a shotgun
electro heart is also really good
cocaine, welcome to the club, time of dying, monster, and angel with a shotgun
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