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Hi, I'm new! Well sort of...
Hello, my name is Joseph, although most people just call me Joey. I'm not entirely new to Vingle as I've been here for about a month, but I never really introduced myself. So I thought that now was as good a time as any. Anyway I'm a 17 year old Christian anime and gaming nerd. I don't get to watch anime as much as I'd like to because my family has been kinda struggling with bills lately ;-; but my Xbox has kept me from losing my sanity until I can catch up on everything. But anyway I hope to be able to post regularly and find lots of new friends here! This is my first post so, if I miss out on anything important, feel free to let me know! See you around!
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@BriannaFugler Yeah it took me like a month 1/2 just to post this
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@VinMcCarthy Thank you!
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I know this is late but welcome!
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@CreeTheOtaku Haha! Thank you!
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