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Hey Fellow Studio Ghibli lovers! I'm sorry for not posting a review in a while...I've had so much stress at college haha ^-^" But here we go again (:
Sheeta is this mysterious girl who fell from the shy into Pazu's arms, and she changes his life forever! They are literally so cute together! Even though he barely knows her, he makes sure to protect her and be there for her. X3
There are two types of people out there who want the crystal around Sheeta's neck. That crystal unlocks the treasure of the castle in the sky.
The Castle is inhabited by these friendly robots who live to protect the crystal and the serve the castle.
Now some of you may know, there are theories that Castle in the Sky is the prequel to Nausicaa: Of the Valley of the Wind. (: Even tho Hayao Miyazaki created Castle in the Sky two years before Nausicaa. The younger versions of their respective characters are also very similar.
Once again, I didn't want to spoil a lot of the plot, sorry for the vagueness. haha (: lemme know what you thought of the movie and the connections to Nausicaa. Thanks for reading! cx
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I ship it