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Akane and Kogami?
This is by far my favorite ship because of how well they get each other, and how well Kogami challenges Akane.
Akane and Ginoza?
I love how much Ginoza cares for Akane and making sure her psycho-pass remains unclouded and pure.
Makishima and Kogami?
I don't care what anyone says, although they were enemies the chemistry between the two was uncanny. I loved the tension and both of these beautiful men.
Shion and Yayoi?
They were an actual couple in this show and it was the cutest thing!!
Ginoza and Kogami?
They bickered like madmen but Ginoza cared so deeply for Kogami.
Hinakawa and Akane?
The way Hinakawa looks up to Akane is absolutely adorable!
Akane and Togane?
Though Togane's intentions are bad, they are quite the duo.
Last but certainly not least....
Ginoza and Kagari?
This is a very unlikely pair, but it's definitely one of my favorites.
Akane and Kogami... or maybe Me and Akane, cuz I really like her. She's a great Waifu.
One of my favorite animes nonetheless.
I hear you, I ship me and kogami more than anything