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JYP Entertainment's CEO Park Jin Young (J.Y.PARK) is a legend in the Kpop industry and lived up to his name at today's Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong. The annual MAMA awards were held in Hong Kong on Wednesday night, and Park raked in multiple awards. But it was during his R-rated performance that the CEO really raised eyebrows. During a performance that involved BDSM elements and extremely suggestive dancing, Park wowed the crowd and embarrassed all of the JYP Entertainment employees in the audience. Two JYP Entertainment idol groups, GOT7 and Twice, were seated close to the stage and during Park's performance of "Who's Your Mama?", "Elevator," and "Honey," the members of the two K-pop acts couldn't hide themselves fast enough to avoid seeing something they wished to avoid.

Two members of GOT7, Bam Bam and Jackson, were seen mimicking murdering one each other to avoid watching Park's sensual stage, while Twice's members turned bright red peeked through their hands to watch the CEO's performance.

Park is known for being a close mentor to many JYP Entertainment idols, and the experience may have traumatized them.

At the 2015 MAMA, Park won the Best Male Soloist Award and also won the the Best Producer-Korea award. by
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hahahha... OMG! I have tried to find the video where it shows the Boys reaction when JYP was performing. . but I haven't been able to get it.. they acted like kids when they have seen their father do something so so embarrassing. .hahaha it was too funny.. definitely yeah they where traumatized. .lol.

😂😂😂I couldn't stop laughing at Jackson and them it was hilarious and I said the same thing it looked like a bunch of kids embarrassed of there dad
I actually love that guy. He cracks me up and his music is pretty good too.
it was painful to watch. Jackson looked like he saw several ghosts. 😨😨😨
@lawtont .. they had a reaction of like " NOOO!! Dad Noooo!!" hahha..
This is sorta making it sound like he embarrassed them in a negative way. It was more of a playful embarrassment.
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