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Hey my fellow Otaku's & Weeaboo's today we'll find out who's your favorite anime couple. Be sure to like,pin & comment on this.
1- AKIHITO & MIRAI. In my perspective, this is my favorite. Akihito hide his feeling towards Mirai and Mirai always try to give Akihito Hints but Akihito will never realize she's doing it. in this movie or maybe the last episode of (Kyoukai No Kanata) Akihito shows his true ways during the situation while he was in his Youmu subconsciouses. Mirai did the same. I don't know if they went out but the chemistry between them is very unique.
2- KIRITO & ASUNA. Ugh, who doesn't love this? Kirito & Asuna is one of the popular couples in the entire anime universe. This anime was most likely "Damsel In Distress" in other words, Kirito save Asuna from the manipulative douchebag name Sugou. Kirito & Asuna have a lot in common. If you have NOT see this anime, please watch it.
3 - NARUTO & HINATA. One of the most disagreeable but agreeable relationships. Naruto & Hinata knew each other since they was a kid. Naruto never even know Hinata gave out hints. Naruto wasn't focus on being in a relationship, he wanted to become stronger and get Sasuke back in the leaf village. Yes, Bros over Hoes. Until he sucess his goal by saving the leaf village after The last fight with Sasuke. Naruto finally saw the hints and ended up with Hinata.
Anyways, Please comment your favorite anime couples. Hope you're having a wonderful day. Like, Pin & comment. Peace my Otaku's and Weeaboo's.