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A poem for you.
You and me Together. Part 1 I met you on the blissful Saturday, busy like hell, I don't know if this rings a bell, You struck me as beautiful, cuz you were so cheerful, Your smile, Your dimples, But thankfully no pimples! You were in your own world, Taking a step at a time, Seemed you won't give a dime. I mastered my courage, Straightening my tie, Went right up to you and said "Hi" You being polite, Of course said "Hi" Thank god! I said you didn't say "Bye". - Akash Bhojraj This is the Part 1 of the " You and me Together ". Written by me. Dear Vinglers, Need Feedback!! @AlloBarber @nicolejb @ButterflyBlu and all others! Thanks, Akash
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Writing a novel currently. But yes, new to poetry!!
2 years ago·Reply
Oh sweet, what's the novel about? @AkashBhojraj
2 years ago·Reply
spy stuff.. and much more
2 years ago·Reply
Being an engineer helps! ;)
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