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(Sorry it's taking me so long to do this. I have been kinda busy with school. Hope you like it. Sadly, it's kinda a filler chapter. It introduces an important character in the story. Guess how she is gonna factor in. Hint: Every drama has one. )

Chapter 3: Back Then.

"I can't believe we are back." I say, as we walk throughout the halls. I look at all my past classrooms. I see the same teachers are still there. Even the horrid Mr. Hung, the history teacher who hated me. " seems so surreal." She sighs, smiling. But somehow, the smile seems strained. "Are you sure you're okay?" I asked her, as we walk to our lockers. We passed a group of girls. She looked at them and they seemed to stare her down. I looked at them and they smiled flirtatiously. "What was that about?" I asked her after we got out of earshot. "It was nothing." She tried to brush it off. I nodded, knowing she didnt want me to pry. We both looked at our schedules and compared classes. We shared our third, fifth, seventh and eighth period. So I said goodbye to her and headed to my homeroom, saying hi to a couple friends as I went. I walked in the classroom and looked around for an empty seat. I finally found a seat near the back, next to a window. I sat down at that desk and looked out the window that was to my left. I watched as the yellow and red leaves cascaded down and covered the streets. Fall was coming, and fast. Fall was my second favorite season. My first favorite season was summer.....because I met Jakyung in the summer. I day dreamed about when we would got down to the little creek behind our houses and play. I smiled to myself. "Hello Taehyung~" I hear a girl say. It knocked me out of my daze. I turn to look at her. It was one of the girls in the group that Jakyung and I passed. Her name was Hyun-Eui, I believe. "Oh hey....?" I drawled out, not wanting to be disrespectful and call her the wrong name. "Its Hyun-Eui." She smiled and sat in the desk next to me. Oh, so I was right. "Oh yeah. Hey. Whats up?" I ask. "Nothing much. I just wanted to ask how your summer went." She asked, crossing her legs dramatically; trying to look sexy. She flipped her blonde-highlighted hair. I have gotten used to this kind of thing. Girls often throw themselves at me. It gets kind of annoying at times. The only girl I want is Jakyung but she doesn't see me as more than a friend. "It was nice. I moved into my own apartment because my dad started working overseas and my mom, sister and brother went with him." I explained, probably saying too much. " have your own apartment?" I guess that was all she got from what I just said. "Yeah...I did." I went back to looking out the window. I felt a hand being placed on my knee. I look down at the hand and back up at Hyun-Eui. She is smirking at me and starts to massage my knee. I feel uncomfortable. "Have you ever thought about having a party?" She asked. "I..umm.....have never t-thought about it." I clear my throat. "I have been kinda busy with getting used to living by myself." "Oh. Maybe you should have one. You could, I don't know, invite your friends. Maybe even....invite your very special someone." She batted her eyelashes. I cleared my throat again, nervously. This is weird. " thank you. My parents have set a strict 'No Partying' rule." I lie. "But they would never know." She mewed. The teacher walked in and started the lesson. She took her hand off my knee and faced forward in her seat. "Think about it." She smirked and looked at the teacher. I faced the front of the class too. Well, this year is going to be something. After class, I left quickly and walked to the secret place on the roof that Jakyung and I hang out in our free period; which we have now. I walked up the two flights of stairs and out of the door. I walked around the corner and saw Jakyung sitting on the ledge, swinging her feet. "Hey, Jak-sshi." I call. She turns around and looks at me. She looks away quickly and I could've sworn I saw her eyes were if she was crying. But..Jakyung doesn't cry. She is the strongest person I know. I must have imagined it. I walk over and sat next to her. " was your first two classes?" I ask. "They were...fine. How about you?" She smiled slightly. "It was interesting." I admitted, not wanting to worry her about my interaction with Hyun-Eui. "That sounds good. I can't wait for lunch....I'm hungry." She gushes, rubbing her stomach for extra emphasis. She acted liked she was dying, earning a laugh from me. "Same here." I grin, admiring her. Now that was the Jakyung I knew.......and loved.
(What do you think of Hyun-Eui? Yeah...I don't like her either.)
she's a c*nt I don't like her
@DawanaMason're gonna find out something interesting soon....
@ReynaWithLove I don't either.
@SugaOnTop agreed! 😤
OMG omg noooo~ I hope he dosnt fall fo a gurl like hyun-eui she's a todal b***h ugh I hate girls like her Ik many girls j like her rn n I'm not happy u should appreciate ur body not do tat stuff tats j messed up
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