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Sorry Vingle Family for not have made a card for about a month, but I've been watching so many kdramas and before Healer I finally watched a very popular Lee Min Ho drama called City Hunter which I loved everything about except for the ending. Anyway I'm not a big action genre fan but I thought since I liked City Hunter and Healer has romance and action, why not give it a try! I fell in love with it from the first couple of minutes, I was hooked. I really want to review more kdramas, let me know if you want a City Hunter, Reply 1997, Sassy Go Go, She Was Pretty and Rooftop Prince Review and I'll make some more reviews. I will definitely be reviewing my favorite kdrama Pinocchio soon!


A decades-old incident involving a group of friends who ran an illegal broadcasting station brings together three different people—a mysterious night errand guy with the codename "Healer" (Ji Chang-wook) who happens to possess top-notch fighting skills, a reporter from a second-rate tabloid news website (Park Min-young), and a famous journalist at a major broadcast station (Yoo Ji-tae). On the journey to discover the truth and resolve the mystery from the past, they will have to deal with the conflict of truth versus fate.


Park Bong Soo A. K. A. Healer is so cute and funny, he always made me laugh. Whenever he would act innocent, weak and clueless. It was the cutest thing in the world. Bong Soo made the show perfect, I love how well Healer can change from being really strong to a complete coward infront of Young Sin.
Here's an MV with some action scenes that depict how great a fighter and strong person Healer is and how much he cared and looked after Young Sin. The fights were really epic and I loved every second of it.
This is my favorite OST from Healer called "Healer", it always got me pumped up for something good. When this song came on I always felt happy and wanted to tear up for some reason, I love this song so much!
Eternal Love by Michael Learns to Rock This was my other favorite OST, it played through action scenes and emotional scenes. Which brought me both happiness and sadness, it's a great song.

They are so cute!

I love these two, what's funny is I didn't know the same female actor from City Hunter played in Healer till I started Healer and recognized her face right away! Jeong Hoo and Young Sin have great chemistry, I can feel the love between them. They were so cute, I wanted more. The kiss scenes were perfect and the cute little moments made my heart burst. Jeong Hoo is really hot and cute when he smile's BTW! This show didn't disappoint at all which I'm happy about, it had a good ending, amazing OST'S and a clear understanding of what happened in the end. I give this show a perfect score of a 10/10! I loved it!!!
@IMNII Your welcome, I hope you enjoy! @Kamiamon It was really good, the main actress is amazing in both roles! @TLeahEdwards No problem, I've watched Rooftop Prince as well which was really good but I agree that the ending wasnt the best... @JamiMilsap Yes, the hacker is great. (Ahjumma) @kskatie82 I know he is so perfect! Are either or both those dramas romance?
I f***ing loved Healer!!!!! That boy is so ughn!!! I'm so glad I watched it. More good ones if you like that is "bad guys" and "beautiful bride"!!!! These wrecked me!!!!!
I agree, Healer is definitely a top drama! And I don't know the actress' name right off hand, but I absolutely loved his "handler," the crazy hacker lady!!
Thanks for the tag!! I've seen both City Hunter (which was awesome) and Rooftop Prince (which was funny in the beginning but I didn't like the ending), but Healer is def on my list.
@biancadanica98 YOU MUST!!!! Soooooo good! And Wallace Huo is a gorgeous son of a gun!!! Love him!!
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