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Wanted to introduce myself ^_^ I'm Sarah!!! I love anime, manga, music, kpop and so much more. ^_^ well that's me and my fat cow kisa she's a character of her own and then there is my sisters cat Sadie and she's just a quiet little white ninja that thinks that since she's white you can't see her lol and then there are photos of little me ^_^ well if you have questions just ask... Sooooo yeah nice to meet you
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your not 7'2 like the master chief right ? because the last time I saw a lady from this app, they ended up becoming 7'5 golith height
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@FrankMisaki lol umm noooo O.O I am most certainly not
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hi, I'm 5'7 lol
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@FrankMisaki hello I'm 5'6 馃檭
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I don't know what to say now
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