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wtf!!! sm let EXO rest would u omfg how could u do tis to chanyeol he does not deserve tis like really!! omg I'm like so mad chanyeol might not be my bias but he's in EXO n I love all of EXO ALOT!!!! y r u doin tis y j yyyy!!!! u need to get ur head straight sm u r really messed up y u gotta do tat huh!?!? ugh I'm j so mad!!!
i kniw this isnt the point but who is your bias??
@Jiyongixoxo Ikr I was soo pissed off tat sm won't let thm rest bc thy have a concert on the 10 in dec n thn thy have concert in other places like South America OMG thy really need rest I'm sad bc their health is not ok I want them to be healthy n well not collapsing n stuff I really hate sm sooo mch
That's what I'm saying these boys need to relax for a little bit they are constantly busy and my poor Channie bear collapsing!!! He's my 2nd UB and my UB in Exo (I love all 12 of them) this broke my head I hate Sm
@BiancaMason I can't choose a bias in EXO haha i have 3 fav bias members thy r xiumin suho n baekhyun I also have kris n luhan even if thy rnt in EXO no more thy r still in fo me always, ot12 is always there to me who's ur bias??