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Ok 1. He looks so freakin hot like goddamn!馃槏
I love him so much. He hasn't betrayed anyone yet he feels like he did. He fell in love and that was it. He shouldn't apologize for falling in love or anything. If fans are butthurt then oh well! I mean some of you guys are like wouldn't have a chance with him.If your age is on a clock you are too young for him. (Sorry but not sorry) If anything you should be happy for him and support him. Don't bring him down because everyone falls in love and wants to start a family. Don't try and make him regret things because you know that he loves performing and pleasing his fans. Let him put himself and his feelings first for once. Give him the love he deserves.
I'm more upset he lied for so long.. so I'd rather stay quiet and not care about what he does anymore.. good for him and all but I really hate liars..
@PrettieeEm he really isn't obligated to say anything. I mean everything he does is out to the public...maybe he wanted to hold on to it for a while. I mean ppl know his blood type!馃槀 he doesn't have to tell us anything tbh but he did. It doesn't matter if it was 2 years or 10, he still told us.
@Simba14 I understand its private but after the 2nd yr he could've said something and I so would've been happy for him.. it just feels like he didn't care enough about his fans to know that we'd understand a d support him.. it just seems like so much so soon..
@PrettieeEmm he didn't really lie he just didn't tell the world because you know that's something private. Not everyone needs to know right away but I understand where you are coming from.
It was quite a suprise to me at first but now as long as he's happy in happy. We should be happy he's in love and having a family, its a great gift and I support him 1000%.