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Results are in and ready to fight! If you haven't played this before then hear is what you do. For each group you only vote for 1, lets say Vixx goes against clc you can only vote for one. No cheating, AND PLEASE TAG SOMEONE. You may only vote 1 time per group.

Heart B VS CLC

(Heart B, 'Remember')
The vocally gifted group Heart B released their second digital single "Missing You" through several music portals on the 7th of January.
Not only did Heart B reach number 1 on the Mnet music charts, they also conquered the top ten for music portal sites such as Melon, Soribada, Bugs Music, and 7 other sources.
Equipped with a sensual but fresh sound, the rookie group's single "Missing You" tells the story of a woman longing for the memories with her ex-lover. The collaboration with Zia adds a wonderful texture to the single's atmosphere.
After debuting with their single "Choose Me" last December, Heart B has continued a very low profile method of marketing by focusing solely on the merit of their music.
Heart B hopes to showcase their full potential with their new single "Missing You."   
(CLC, 'Eighteen')
The girls showcase the talents they have to offer as they sing on the streets and their kind hearts as they help out kids in need with a song they composed themselves.
This is Cube's first new girl group since 4minute, and with an average age of 18, their young and innocent image will surely pique the interest of fans. Check out the first episode of their documentary clip below and stay tuned for the release of their mini album on March 19!

Seventeen VS VIXX

(Seventeen, 'Mansae')
Less than fourth months after debuting on the K-pop scene, Seventeen is already celebrating their first No. 1 on a Billboard chart. 
The 13-member boy band sent their sophomore EP Boys Be to the top slot of World Albums. The five-song release is led by the cheery single "Mansae." Members Woozi, S.Coups,Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon all participated its composition with Woozi writing the lyrics with Korean singer-songwriter Kye Bum Zu -- all remarkable points as many K-pop acts aren't as involved with music production.
"Mansae" plays off the same energy established in the act's debut single "Adore U" with funky guitars, feel-good harmonies, entertaining rap lines while the music video showcasing impressive group choreography and let the members' personalities shine. "Mansae" shows the boys at school, as all 13 vye to get a girl's attention in the classroom, hallways and when they're playing group games. It all has an adolescent charm about it, which works well with the group -- who were conceived with the concept that the members' average age would be, of course, 17 upon debut.
(VIXX, 'Chained')
After VIXX released their tantalizing comeback music video, fans became eager to see the choreography behind the boy group's sexy concept for "Chained Up."
On Nov. 23, VIXX answers their fans' prayers. The group uploaded their dance practice video via their official YouTube account. Fans were quick to recognize Jellyfish Entertainment's practice room, further noting how half the lights remained off to set the tone of the video.
Sticking with their collar-wearing, chained concept the choreography contains a number of moves symbolizing handcuffs, collars, and leashes. VIXX's dynamic motions and synchronization never fails to impress their audience and "Chained Up" is no exception with its sharp movements and smooth body rolls. Moreover, with so much happening between the six members it is impossible to watch this video only once.
"Chained Up" marked VIXX's first comeback as a whole group this year. Back in February they released the remix cover single "Love Equation" before pursuing a number of individual activities. Since the release of "Chained Up" VIXX has dominated domestic music charts. They also have taken home a number of first place wins on a variety of Korean music chart shows.


(iKON, 'Anthem')
YG Entertainment's latest boy group iKON are preparing their full debut album for December.
On Nov. 24, it was revealed that iKON started shooting their next music video.
According to Soompi, the rookie group's next video will be directed by Seo Hyun Seung. Seo Hyun Seung is known for his experimental style in videos and is the creative genius behind Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby," 2NE1's "I Am the Best," and G-Dragon's "Crayon." With such a well-known director behind iKON's next video anticipation runs high for something unique and unexpected.
Additionally, OSEN announced that YG's key producer Teddy has been working with iKON all throughout their album preparations.
Although their full album was expected for release in November, iKON instead released two digital singles titled "Anthem" and "Apology." Both songs took over domestic charts and "Apology" has kept its ranking in the Top 10 of many Korean charts since its release.
Before that, iKON released their debut EP containing three title tracks each with their own music video.
The members of iKON have certainly been busy since their warm-up single release in September. Their filming in November marks their sixth music video since their debut.
iKON's debut album Welcome Back will be released on December 14.
(HIGH4, 'Baby Boy')
Considering this is a trend that happens with Busker Busker's "Cherry Blossom Ending," there are even speculations this song might become the second classic to experience a comeback every year.
The song was released in April last year and, on March 25, 2015, it went up to 9th place on genie, 10th onBugs, 16th on melOn, 17th on Naver, and 22 on Olleh.  Listen to it above as you wait for the spring weather to settle in!


Heart B, Seventeen (cuz I'm kind of disappointed in Chained up for some reason ㅠㅠ VIXX im soryyyyyyy) and IKON (cuz, again, not a fan of Baby Boy)
1. heart B 2. Vixx 3. IKON