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Yes ladies the game is over. Now it's time for your stories to get read and likes. Like I said in the first card Who ever have the most likes when. THAT how you win. and if anybody that didn't post theirs stories, you still can but you can't win okay. also please send a pic to me so I can use it to see for our winners okay so please send it to or you can make a card and tag me in it okay. Well good like to you all let the best writer win. @KellyOConner @Emealia can you please tag the other girls I'm sorry I can't spell a lot of your names okay.
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I'm meant I'm going to college to be a director lol didn't see that
please everybody who is in the challenge make sure that you either comment on here or send me a message to I can tag you in the winner.card so you can know who won and also want to tag your friends in you can kk hope for the best and also @RainaC3 can I get a pic of your for the challenge want it so if you win I can show the people who beautiful face write an amazing stories kk
@DeniseiaGardner do you want me to send you a picture of myself, or of the story cover I used for the story? also how would you like me to send it?
@RainaC3 pic of.your self
did every body send me a pic of their self? it's almost time to see the winner