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Rapmon Explains RUN MV!!
Just Sharing Rapmon words describing his brief explanation of RUN MV!!
What do you all think ?
what does his words tell you
do you all think he is trying to tell us something
i might be over thinking this but their might be some answer to our questions here
i am not dat smart
but what do u all think on his explanation?
Check it out in the mv making clip when he actually says it
I don't know I just thought u all need to c dis
:) <3
all credit to its actual owners
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I thought I was an explanation of the song itself and it's meaning rather than an explanation of the story behind it all, eh I don't know. they're all jerks for not helping us out.
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@tayunnie yes I think so 2 but I thought you all needed to c it there is a positive message behind it bbut yes I really wish they would mention something about the story as well.
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Well that's the feeling I got from both videos. I'm in my late 20s and this decade in my life seems to be reflected in hyyh both parts, the bittersweet feeling of growing into the person I'll be. (Yes teens, you will go through a second puberty once you're in your 20s, so watch out!)
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@SunnaWalo I am in my late 20s too yes I can totally relate to this Lol
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@sherrysahar preach! 馃檶馃徑
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