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Like I said: I draw him a lot. I'm a bit obsessed, but that's because this manga/anime is great and people don't agree with me (apparently). I have just one more I'll post (whenever I want) later so I'll leave this one here for now. Anybody a KHR fan? Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Hibari Kyoya Filter: Sunset
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i like it i havent read/watched it in a couple months but i wouldnt say i hated it
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@jessicafoster73 yeah it's the first arc that drives people at cuz its kind of boring but the rest is great
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@SeoInHan yeah thats what i think if people would just keep watching it i think alot of others would like it too.
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@jessicafoster73 can't say anything cuz I skipped the whole first arc lol but I read it so I know
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