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Yup, I'm peeping on you! I am going to release the tag winner now. Thanks for all the votes and for @kuzuri96 taking the time to make some Merc sign-off signs along with me!
You know the deal, I will address this first. L A Von York 's editors note : Remember comment on the post if you want your named removed from the Mercs with mouths posting. I do respect people with the whole tagging thing.  You have Facebook  Yea I hate tagging... Especially for some 29.99 Ray Ban glasses ♥ please send me a private message. The list is not actually complete and it needs to be cleaned up. With your help by direct messaging me I can clean up by removing your name. Also Vinglers who what to be apart of the Mercs with mouths please direct message me and I will add you. If you are new to Vingle and need help with cards our community admin @shannonl5 and her support @amobigbang has great help guilds which are here!! ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ I also have a deadpool makes me laugh collection that you can follow and if you make anything deadpool or anti hero related, don't be shy tag @lavonyork I would love to add your work to the collection! ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× History brief lesson : The Mercs with mouths is a sub section in the Marvel Community ran by our admin @shannonl5. I follow community guild lines and also what have been expressed by @shannonl5. I am not an administrator at all, I just deal with Mercs with mouths politics and create things Merc related. Basically I just kinda took the Deadpool and Anti Hero thing and ran with it. @shannonl5 has not booted me yet, so I'm cool lol.
Now I will post the Mercs with mouths tags that won below and I have a fun Mercs with mouths question too which would be on a new card! Now since there was a tie with the Mercs with mouths sign-off, I can either change it up on any group post or you guys and the rest of Vingle community can vote!
✨ Honorable mention : This particular one did by @kuzuri96 came in close with the votes that we had! Thanks again!
THANK YOU L A VON DANGEROUS ♥ The art that have been used is not my art. I give full credit to the artist for wonderful work
Niiiice, thanks for the votes guys. I was happy to be in the polls! 😆
I'm really syartin to like this shin dig we got going on. GO MERCS #flappyfridays
Woohoo!!! Nice tag I can dig it lol
@shannonl5 like cyborg said quote 9n quote " THES GONNA BE BEANS AND CHEESE EVERY WHEA" end quote 😊
@RpgSlayer @shannonl5 same, lol gonna be there 3 days prior
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