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Hiiii鉁╯omeone recommend me some animes (( i prefer slice of life, comedy, romance, shoujo, and fantasy ))
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Haganai Oreimo The world god only knows Kokoro connect Teen romantic comedy SNAFU Yamada kun and the seven witches Blue spring ride Don't know what you've seen but these are all great!
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ouran high school host club of course
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the Familiar of zero
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kaichou wa maid-sama baka and test wolf girl and black prince ouran highschool host club fruits basket save me lolipop! free! toradora pandora hearts one piece durarara kotoura-san tokyo mew-mew ghost hunt xxxholic tsubasa chronicles sword art online card captor sakura saiungoku monogatari shugo chara kamigami no asobi fairy tail la storia del arcana familgia karneval say I love you yamada's first time the world is still beautiful
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I will give you my list - Blue Spring Ride - Kimi Ni Todoke - Chihayafuru (favs) - Glass Mask - Skip Beat (favs) - Ranma 1/2 (watch the English dub, it starts slow but you would have plenty of seasons, favs too) - Itazura na Kiss - Nodame Cantible (favs) - The Wallflower - Peach Girl (favs) - School Rumble (favs) - Vampire Knight - Bamboo Blade
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