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One Week Friends

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy Japanese Name: Isshūkan Furenzu Japanese Name in Japanese: 一週間フレンズ。 Date/Year Released: April 6, 2014 Date/Year Ended: June 22, 2014 Epsiode Count: 12


Yūki Hase, a high schooler, notices Kaori Fujimiya, his classmate, always lonely and with no moviation to make friends. Curious about her, he decides to become acquainted with her, empasis on "acquainted", it is the main theme of the story. After, becoming better "acquainted" with her, Kaori tells him that every Monday her memories reset, making her forget all her friends and memories, therefore, the reason she never tried to make friends knowing she wouldn't remember then after a week. Despite knowing this Yūki, looks forward every week to introduce and become acquainted with her every week.

Review 9/10

Again, I am not really into 'Shoujo', or girl love stories, only the really unique Love stories, and this is one of those that I really enjoyed and got into pretty quickly, plus it's only 12 episodes, so binge watching this is pretty easy. I actually just finished watching this not very long ago, and probably one of the cutest love stories with a rare plot. Love stories usually involve the main character's lover having some sort of fault; like, family problems etc. That makes it difficult for the main character to really interact them and form a relationship, but like I say I like rare love stories, and this one doesn't involve the main character's lover going through a family problem(aka Kaori Fujimiya), but amnesia, specifically Anterograde amnesia; "... is the loss of the ability to create new memories after the event that caused the amnesia, leading to a partial or complete inability to recall the recent past, while long-term memories from before the event remain intact(taken from Wikipedia)."(for those who like to research background info on their favorite animes). But moving along, the very heart - breaking and heart-warming moments that really hit the feels, is when Yūki does his best to help Kaori with her disability by resources and setting her up with more friends so she won't be lonely, even if it's his friend Shougo, a kinda mean, but honest best friend of Yūki. Also Yūki's repetitive introductions and request to be Kaori's friend every week hits me in the sweet spot of my feels that have been dead every since I've been obsessed with Tokyo Ghoul and the ongoing manga. But don't worry, the anime won't just be about Yūki re-introducing himself to Kaori everyweek, as the anime progresses drama, a little action and romance start to arise. Now if you want me to review an anime or manga comment below the name; I will only review the Manga series/animes that I have read/seen, but I may watch a anime you request depending on the episode count. Also this may not be my finalized review, I slowly change, edit and reinforce my reviews every now and then.
I have no idea I haven't seen them, I was just wondering since on myanimelist.com the ova is the 13th episode
@djmaxfly nope, are they good? :)
@purple4812 about ao haru ride, have you seen the two ova episodes for it?
@purple4812 I have seen toradora and loved it! golden time is on my list of stuff to watch :)
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